Carnoustie High School FPs off to a flier

Bannockburn 7,

Carnoustie HSFP 35

CARNOUSTIE High School FP Rugby Club visited Bannockburn on Saturday for the first game of the season in a Regional Bowl knock out competition.

The field was well grassed and it was dry overhead. The homesters kicked off with the ball fielded by Tom Hall who drove forward, recycling the ball when stopped and gaining a penalty for offside. It was kicked to touch deep in the home 22, the line-out won and the ball was driven but the penalty was conceded for not releasing.

In the next two moves, the home team was caught offside. Under pressure, they tried to clear their line only kicking to Nathan Bowles who fielded well and surged forward before being forced to touch five metres short of the line.

Bannockburn cleared from the line out but the visitors drove the ball forward again. The homesters struggled to clear their line with FPs driving again but turning over the ball to allow the home side to raise the siege and drive hard upfield. They gained a penalty which was only a few inches outside the posts.

The drop out was deep into home territory, the follow up was fast and the full-back was caught in possession. The visitors then set a series of drives, camping on the home line before Gavin Dissel dived over and added full points.

Bannockburn restarted with a short kick which they then knocked on. FPs were penalised, the home side making touch but Carnoustie made amends by pinching the line out and breaking upfield before knocking on. The scrum was taken against the head but the ball carrier was held up over the line, again the ball was driven and held up.

From the scrum, the ball went into midfield before being driven and Craig Dawson found room to cross with full points added. The restart failed to carry 10 metres and Graham Hay stormed upfield from the scrum but when stopped was penalised for not releasing the ball.

The homesters chipped the kick but on regathering were themselves penalised. FPs failed to find touch but the homesters knocked on. From the scrum Stewart Millar picked up and strode forward before finding Steven Connolly who then sent Colin Jeffrey clear to touch down with full points added.

From the restart, Bannockburn forced Carnoustie into touch, but they retaliated by stealing the line out to break upfield. From a scrum, Stewart Millar again broke clear before giving a scoring pass for Colin Jeffrey to run round the remnants of the defence to touch down with again full points added. The referee immediately blew for half time.

The visitors restarted with the home team fielding but turning over the ball which FPs put through the hands, recycled and drove only to be held up over the line.

They won the scrum and spread the ball for Graham Hay to break the line only to be stopped a metre short.

The ball was recycled to Colin Murray who slipped round the side of the ruck to touch down again with full points added.

The restart was fielded by Gavin Dissel who fed to Steven Connolly but was then knocked on. As the rain came on the pitch got slippery and the ball was difficult to handle. Carnoustie fell out of the game apart from a strong run by Tom Hall who appeared to break through only to be recalled for the use of an elbow.

Bannockburn now held field position but FPs defended well. They could not break out until finally from a five-metre penalty tap the home side drove over and added full points.

The visitors kicked the restart out on the full again giving the home side field position but they held out for the last few minutes.

Carnoustie at times were a little frantic, especially in the first half, but played good rugby, kept their shape and played as a team. It’s early days but the last three performances have given hope of a good season ahead. The young players are settling in well and are already an asset to the team.

Team: Beatty, Bowles, Burwood, Hay, Nicholson, Shepherd, Jeffrey, Hall, C. Murray, Dawson, Connolly, Dissel, Lowson, Macdonald, Millar, E. Murray, Beattie, Coates and McDonald.