Carnoustie keep up their impressive run of form

BT Caledonia Regional Bowl Midlands. Ian Reid scoring a try on the way to a great victory for Carnoustie after extra-time.
BT Caledonia Regional Bowl Midlands. Ian Reid scoring a try on the way to a great victory for Carnoustie after extra-time.

Grangemouth Stags RFC 27, Carnoustie HSFP 39 
(after extra-time)

Carnoustie travelled to Grangemouth on BT Caledonia Regional Bowl Midlands business and hoping to make amends for their league defeat two weeks earlier.

There was a strong wind blowing, but otherwise conditions were good.

Grangemouth kicked off and Carnoustie fielded and ran the ball to gain a penalty, but the kick fell short of the posts.

Carnoustie fielded the drop out, but lost the ball, allowing Grangemouth to drive and gain a penalty which they tapped and drove, before sending the ball out to the winger who was in space and crossed, with the conversion added.

Grangemouth fielded the restart, but lost the ball and Carnoustie found touch, but lost the line out, allowing Grangemouth to drive, but the ball was held up. From the scrum, Carnoustie gained a penalty which DANNY VAN WYK converted. From the restart, Grangemouth fielded and the clearing kick was charged down, but ran dead.

A series of kicks followed before Carnoustie drove from a line out, putting the ball through the hands, before driving again, but unfortunately it came to nothing when they knocked on.

The only moment of hope for the visitors, in the latter stages of the half was, from a Grangemouth scrum, a chipped ball over the top, was regathered, but the movement was stopped just short of the line and the ball cleared.

Half-time: Grangemouth Stags RFC 7, Carnoustie HSFP RFC 3.

Carnoustie restarted after the break with the wind in their faces. The kick failed to carry the requisite ten metres giving Grangemouth a scrum from which the kicked.

At the next scrum, Carnoustie drove, recycled, and sent the ball wide before driving again, but were forced into touch.

Carnoustie lost the line out with Grangemouth sending the ball infield before chipping over the top of the defensive line and regathering, to touch down, but the conversion hit the post and stayed out.

From the restart Carnoustie pressed forward putting the ball through the hands and then driving, gaining a penalty which was tapped and a series of drives set up before KENNY WATT found space to squeeze through and touchdown, with DANNY VAN WYK converting.

From the restart, kicks were exchanged before Carnoustie won a line out ball and sent the ball wide only to knock on.

Carnoustie again sent the ball wide and broke the line, but were stopped and from the loose ball, Carnoustie again ran the ball, but again were stopped.

Kicks were exchanged before Grangemouth again tried to chip the ball, but it was gathered and run back. Grangemouth won a line out with Carnoustie going offside and this gave them field position, from which they broke down the Carnoustie defence to score and convert.

Carnoustie restarted, building pressure on a tiring defence and from a further drive gained a penalty which was tapped and sent wide allowing MIKE DOWNIE to slip in at the corner and touchdown, but with the conversion missed.

The restart bounced into touch with Carnoustie winning the line out and running the ball and from a scrum Grangemouth sent the ball into touch.

With Carnoustie in command at the line outs the ball was won, sent wide, then turned back inside for ANTHONY FRANCO to run clear and touchdown with NIALL SWANSON adding the conversion.

With two minutes to go Carnoustie were in front for the first time, but they failed to clear the restart and conceded a penalty which was converted and the whistle sounded to take the game into extra time.

Grangemouth Stags RFC 22, Carnoustie HSFP 22

Grangemouth got the extra session under way with Carnoustie finding touch. Grangemouth won the line out and sent the ball into midfield where they mishandled and Carnoustie reacted first, with MIKE DOWNIE gathering, pushing off the first man and running round the second man, to touchdown, with NIALL SWANSON converting.

Grangemouth knocked on again, and Carnoustie kicked long upfield from the scrum, but then gave away a penalty for offside.

Carnoustie drove from a line out, gained a penalty and won the subsequent line out, setting up a strong drive, before EUAN FRASER broke off, on the blindside, to touchdown.

But with no conversion. Carnoustie knocked on the restart and then conceded a penalty, but Grangemouth missed the posts, finishing the first half of extra-time.

Grangemouth Stags RFC 22, Carnoustie HSFP 34

Carnoustie restarted after the break with Grangemouth fielding then knocking on. Carnoustie drove from the scrum before releasing the ball and going wide with IAN REID making the touchdown which went unconverted. A bout of kicking preceded

a strong series of drives by Grangemouth which culminated with them gaining an unconverted try. Neither side threatened the line again and the game then came to a close.

Team: D. Van Wyk, M. McQueen, G. Johns, C. Addison, M. Downie, N. Swanson, C. Rankin, A. Schweizer, E. Fraser, O. Schweizer, A. Franco, K. Franco, I. Reid, D. Campbell, C. Murray, N. Bowles, L. Thoms, D. Findlay, C. Dawson, C. McNichol, K.Watt.

Tomorrow, Carnoustie travel to play Harris, in the BT Caledonia League Division Two Midlands, who sit a point above them in the table. Kick-off will be at 3 p.m.

Other results:

BT Caledonia Regional Bowl Midlands - Harris Academy FP RFC 17, Alloa 20; Stirling University 23, Crieff and Strathearn 16; Panmure 1, Madras Rugby 0.