Carnoustie Pool League

Fixtures: Tuesday (June 18), Eight-Ball Trophy, 8 p.m. start, best of three legs. Draw to be made on night.

British Legion – E. Pardoe, Dalhousie; I. Henderson, British Legion; B. Leahy Snr, Taymouth Kinners; S. Kilburn, Stag; G. Falls, 19th Hole A; G. Lyon, Kinloch; D. Elder, 19th Hole A; P. Elrick, Craw’s Nest; S. Brown, Stag; R. Duncan, Stag; S. Sutherland, Stag.

19th Hole – I. MacAulay, Dalhousie; C. Sandford, Stag; M. Greaves, Corner; C. McNicoll, 19th Hole; D. Swanson, British Legion; I. Evans, 19th Hole A; A. Kleppang, 19th Hole A; B. Craik, 19th Hole A; G. Sandilands, 19th Hole; B Leahy Jnr, Taymouth Kinners; B. Edwards, Corner.

‘Phone all results to Corner Hotel on 856291.