Carnoustie Pool League Finals Day

Fixtures: Carnoustie Pool League Finals Day, Sunday July 14, in the Stag’s Head, 1 p.m. start.


Open Triples – E. Pardoe/M. Keenan/B. Keillor, Dalhousie v C. Oldershaw/S. Brown/C. Sandford, Stag or S. McAllister/A. Boath/I. Evans, 19th Hole A. Open Doubles – R. Griffin/G. Singer, 19th Hole A v B. Leahy/B. Leahy jnr, Taymouth Kinners. Open Singles – N. Denson, Stag v G. Singer, 19th Hole A. Champion of Champion Doubles – R. Murray/D. Black, Taymouth Kinners v C. Sandford/C. Oldershaw, Stag. Champion of Champion Singles – P. Elrick, Craw’s Nest v C. Sandford, Stag. Captains Cup – C. Sandford, Stag v I. Henderson, British Legion. 8 Ball Shield – R. Duncan, Stag v A. Kleppang, 
19th Hole A.