Carnoustie Pool League trophy winners

Carnoustie Pool League held their finals day last Sunday (July 14) in the Stag’s Head when the competition and trophy winners were as follows.

League Division One – winners, 19th Hole A; 2, Stag; 3, Craw’s Nest; 4, Taymouth Kinners.

League Cup – winners, 19th Hole A; runners-up, Kinloch.

Consolation Cup – winners, Stag. Dave Leadingham Cup – winners, 19th Hole; runners-up, 19th Hole A.

Open Singles – winner, N. Denson, Stag; runner-up, G. Singer, 19th Hole A.

Open Doubles – winners, R. Griffin/G Singer, 19th Hole A; runners-up, B. Leahy/B. Leahy, Taymouth Kinners.

Open Triples – winners, S. McAllister/A. Boath/I. Evans, 19th Hole A; runners-up, E. Pardoe/M. Keenan/B. Keillor, Dalhousie.

Champion of Champion Singles – winner, C. Sandford, Stag; runner-up, P. Elrick, Craw’s Nest.

Champion of Champion Doubles – winners, C. Sandford/C. Oldershaw, Stag; runners-up, R. Murray/D. Black, Taymouth Kinners.

Captains’ Cup – winner, C. Sandford, Stag; runner-up, I. Henderson, British Legion.

Eight Ball Shield – winner, R. Duncan, Stag; runner-up, A. Kleppang, 19th Hole A.