Catches at Carlogie

TWO ANGLING clubs visited Carlogie Dam this week.

Saturday saw Cannon Fishing Club which brought six anglers, and who between them caught 11 weighing 17lbs 12oz.

The second was Bannockburn Angling Club which brought 13 anglers on Sunday: J. Marshall who caught and kept four weighing 8lbs 8oz on a yellow dancer, G. Brownlee caught and kept four weighing 7lbs on wets, D. Robinson caught and kept four weighing 8lbs 4oz on a yellow blob, D. Symon caught and kept four weighing 13lbs 4oz on a dancer, his best a rainbow of 7lbs 6oz, D. Patterson caught and kept four weighing 7lbs 8oz on blobs, L. Patterson caught and kept three weighing 6lbs 8oz on a yellow dancer, C. Meiklejohn caught and kept four weighing 8lbs 8oz, K. Burns caught and kept four weighing 7lbs 14oz and G. Hoggin caught and kept four weighing 8lbs 8oz. In total Bannockburn caught 41 weighing 90lbs.

Other anglers were F. Ferrier from Arbroath who caught five, returned three and kept two, weighing 4lbs on a sedge, N. Spence from Arbroath caught and kept two weighing 5lbs on lures, Jim Tait from Forfar caught eight, returned four and kept four weighing 14lbs on nymphs. R. Page, from Cardenden, caught eight, returned five and kept three weighing 9lbs on lures.

On catch and release this week were Ally Stewart, from Dundee, 10 on lures, P. Gilchrist, also Dundee, nine on Damsels, A O’Rourke, from Dundee, eight on a bunny leach, C. Cameron, again from Dundee, seven on dries, Hue Cassidy, Dundee, seven on dries, Jim Marnie, another Dundee man, six on dries, Dave Thoms, Carnoustie, six on dries, Steve McDonald, from Newburgh, eight on a bunny leach, Ian Chaplin, Carnoustie, four on dries, Wayne Scott, from Dundee, four on a floating fry and G. Coyle, Arbroath, six on a yellow sally.


SOMEWHAT more settled weather has resulted in clearer water and some excellent returns on all ponds.

On the Boathouse Pool intermediate lines and small lures have achieved the best results, although some decent fish have also been taken on small dries. Hot Head Damsel and Yellow Dancer have probably been the favourites with more fish beginning to show up in the eight to 10lbs range. A few even larger ones were lost towards the end of the week.

Burnside has fished best early in the morning with buzzers presented on the ‘washing line’. Small nymphs have also produced and catches have included some blue trout, which have been in superb condition.

Powerbait - lime green or orange - and spinners have sorted out the better fish on the Woodside Pond - any legal method - with fish averaging close to two lbs. Catches included six fish for 11.75lbs (Currie and Jordan). On Friday four anglers had 10 fish between them for a total of 19.75lbs.

The Bankside Pool has been a bit grumpy during the day but evenings have witnessed some excellent catches including several superb blue trout. Consistently good results have been achieved on a Spottiswoode Special as modified by one of our regular visitors.

As September progresses it is likely that the rainbows will turn to feeding on fry, which should produce some very exciting sport.