Catches at local ponds

Carlogie Dam

Lures are now taking the majority of fish being caught at Carlogie Dam although buzzers are still taking fish at various times during the day.

However, the evening rise has almost finished.

Recent catch and release tickets include: W. Scott, Dundee, 13; G. Skelton,Arbroath, seven; I. Chaplain,Carnoustie, seven; J. Gilbert, Carnoustie, six; L. Gall, Dundee, six; A. Stewart, Dundee, 11; G. Woods, Montrose, six; I. Wallace, Montrose, six; F. Ferrier, Arbroath, five; G. Anderson, Dundee, six; D. Mahoney, Dundee, nine; N. Boath, Tayport, seven; D. Thoms, Carnoustie, nine; H. Cassiday, Dundee, five; and B. Croll, Carnoustie, three.

D. Linton, Dundee, had two visits. On his first he caught and released 21 fish, which included a 12lbs rainbow, and on his second he caught and released 14, including a cracking 12.5lbs brownie.

Catch and keep included: J. Laverty, Friockheim, two for 4lbs 8ozs; K. Oram, Dundee, two for 6lbs 12ozs; A. Paeth, Carnoustie, two for 5lbs; and C. Davidson, Dundee, two for 3lbs 8ozs.


At Forbes of Kingennie, work has been carried on the Bankside to deepen the bays, create two islands and combat the weed problems.

The work has now finished and the water is on its way back up. A date has not been decided yet for the grand reopening due to the length of time it may take to fill up.

Burnside continues to fish well. Fish were being caught on anything from small dries and nymphs on the surface.

Fishing deeper with lures such as the rob roy, yellow dancer and blobs has been the best tactic when the weather has been cooler.

The Boathouse is still very clear and the fish continue to be fussy but fishing very early and late seems to see them drop their guard and become a lot more active.

The best fish this week was taken by Mr Hunter with an 8lbs 14ozs rainbow taken on a mini yellow dancer. There have also been several more browns caught as well with the largest weighing just over 4lbs.

The Woodside has been fishing superbly now that the water level is less than a foot from being back to full height. Mr Hamilton took a bag of five fish for 11lbs with the best being a 3lbs 9ozs rainbow, all falling to ledgered green powerbait.