Championships celebrate six decades of Tay Week regatta

THE 60TH annual Tay Week, organised by the Tay Yacht Clubs Association, was hosted recently by Royal Tay Yacht Club, Broughty Ferry.

A total of 44 boats took part in the weekend regatta, which included the Squib Scottish and Northern Championship and also the Kestrel Scottish Championship. Both championships were won by Royal Tay members, the Squib title going to Bruce Baird and Robin Smith in ‘Riverdance’, and the Kestrel title to Stewart and David Murdoch in ‘Seathing’.


Squib Scottish and Northern Championship - 1, ‘Riverdance’, Bruce Baird and Robin Smith, Royal Tay; 2, ‘Other Man’s Grass’, Ed Thomson and Donald Gardiner, Royal Tay; 3, ‘Zulu’, Bob Wilson and Andrew Benson, Royal Tay; 4, ‘Wavelength’, Alastair Stewart and Alistair Smith, St Andrews; 5, ‘Tefnut’, Boyd Baird and Keith Furnace, Royal Tay; 6, ‘Crystal Tips’, David and Alice Williams, Royal Tay; 7, ‘Powder Blue’, Alan and Brenda Massie, Royal Tay.

Kestrel Scottish Championship - 1, ‘Seathing’, Stewart and David Murdoch, Royal Tay; 2, ‘Second Fiddle’, Ian Hunter, Royal Tay; 3, ‘Fartypants’, Malcolm and Danielle Worsley, Royal Tay; 4, ‘Blooburd’, Angus Fleming and Hamish Brunton, Royal Tay; 5, ‘Windhover’, Steven and Lin Worf, Calshot SC; 6, ‘Doilooklikeigiveadamn’, Sandy and Lesley Bremner, Royal Tay; 7, ‘Alison Jane’, Angus and Iona Broadhurst, Royal Tay; 8, ‘Hakuna Matata’, Fiona Moir and Chris Duncan, Royal Tay; 9, ‘Rarebird’, Alistair Hood and P. Miller, Royal Tay; 10, ‘Gaa Sands’, Gareth Fay and Clare Lacey, Derwent Reservoir SC; 11 equal, ‘Carpe Diem’, David Gavine and Anna, Royal Tay, ‘Breakin’ Wind’, Dave Hearsum, Hickling SC.

Laser Class - 1, Laser, Gordon Bissett, Dalgety Bay; 2, Laser, Robbie Paterson, St Andrews; 3, ‘Panic’, Laser, Duncan Strachan, Royal Tay; 4, ‘Mad Hatter’, Laser, Charlie McMonagle, St Andrews; 5, ‘2 Extreme’, Laser Radial, Fraser Mulford, Wormit; 6, Laser Radial, Patrick Cole, Wormit; 7, Laser, Fiona Ferguson, Royal Tay/Loch Tummel; 8, ‘Juno’, Laser, Kevin Webber, St Andrews; 9, ‘Ditty Box 2’, Laser, Rory Broadhurst, Royal Tay; 10, ‘Over ‘n’ Out’, Laser, Paul Brown, Royal Tay.

Dinghy Class - 1, ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’, RS 200, Richard and Mairi Harper, Loch Tummel; 2, ‘Balls to the Wall’, Fireball, Peter Hay and Donald Rentoul, Royal Tay; 3, ‘Eric The Viking’, RS Feva XL, Robbie and Ewan Wilson, Wormit; 4, ‘Geronimo’, A-Class Catamaran, Steve Menhinick, Royal Tay; 5, ‘Fast Fingers’, A-Class Catamaran, Grant Mitchell, Royal Tay; 6, ‘Kit Kat’, Dart 18, Bill Carson and Michael Wilkinson, Royal Tay; 7, RS Vareo, David Webley, Wormit; 8, ‘Screaming Hulls’, Dart 18, Ken Malcolm and Lynda Morton, Royal Tay; 9, ‘Xeena’, RS Feva XL, Oliver and Daniel Baker, Royal Tay; 10, ‘Tardis’, RS Tera Sport, Naimh Harper, Loch Tummel; 11, ‘The Doctor’, RS Tera Sport, Alistair Ferguson, Royal Tay; 12, ‘Shoestring’, Dart 18, Gordon Kohler and Mike Moran, Royal Tay; 13, ‘Breezer’, Topper, Molly Scott, St Andrews; 14, ‘Urchin’, RS Feva XL, Nicholas and Robert Ramsay, Royal Tay; 15, ‘Coot 2’, Topper, Calum Frood, St Andrews.

On the club scene, Royal Tay members have commenced their second series of evening points races.

The opening race in Squib Series 2 was won by Bruce Baird in ‘Riverdance’, and the first race in Dinghy Series 2 by Stewart Murdoch’s Kestrel ‘Seathing’.


Squib Evening Points Series 2, Race 1 - 1, ‘Riverdance’, Bruce Baird; 2, ‘Zulu’, Bob Wilson; 3, ‘Powder Blue’, Alan Massie; 4, ‘Cloud Nine’, Gordon Crosby.

Dinghy Evening Points Series 2, Race 1 - 1, ‘Seathing’, Kestrel, Stewart Murdoch; 2, ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’, RS 200, Richard Harper; 3, ‘Fartypants’, Kestrel, Malcolm Worsley; 4, ‘Rare Bird’, Kestrel, Alistair Hood; 5, ‘Ditty Box 2’, Laser, Rory Broadhurst; 6, ‘Purple Helmet’, Laser 4000, David Philp; 7, ‘Carpe Diem’, Kestrel, David Gavine; 8, ‘Geronimo’, A-Class Catamaran, Steve Menhinick.