Competition winners at Rowanlea

AFTER several false starts due to inclement weather, the annual competition season at Rowanlea Riding School, Barry, finally got under way last Sunday.

Trophy winners in the various speed classes were Cara Duncan, on ‘Freddie’, Rebecca Rice, on ‘Sonte’, Erin Bertram, on ‘Molly’, and Kristi James, on ‘Martha’.



Novice (Freddie Challenge Cup) - 1, Cara Duncan, on ‘Freddie’; 2, Leigh Clark, on ‘Storm’; 3, Caroline Thurston, on ‘Salsa’; 4, Dean Bullock, on ‘Simona’; 5, Michael Conchie, on ‘Toffee’; 6, Kathryn Thurston, on ‘Raquel’.

Open (Lady Gelis Cup) - 1, Rebecca Rice, on ‘Sonte’; 2, Logan Thomson, on ‘Biscuit’; 3, Linda Lowson, on ‘Toffee’.


Novice (Tango Trophy) - 1, Erin Bertram, on ‘Molly’; 2, Ruth Gordon, on ‘Badger’; 3, Lyn Williamson, on ‘Apache’.

Open (Diamond Cup) - 1, Kristi James, on ‘Martha’; 2, Jennifer Auer, on ‘Archie’; 3, Sharon Steele, on ‘Beauty’; 4, Carole Clark, on ‘Eck’; 5, Beth Clark, on ‘Amber’; 6, Carole Clark, on ‘Ben’.

The weekly summer shows began last Wednesday, July 4, with a natural fences competition.



50cms - 1 (equal), Jamie Chalmers, on ‘Bubbles’, Jess Murray, on ‘Signal’, Rosie Neil, on ‘Minto’, Lana Conchie, on ‘Taz’, Stacey Thomson, on ‘Pippa’, Beki Holmes, on ‘Foxy’, Lana Conchie, on ‘Teddy’, Leanne Gall, on ‘Reggie’.

70cms - 1, Michael Conchie, on ‘Toffee’; 2, Ami Conchie, on ‘Blue’; 3, Beki Holmes, on ‘Foxy’; 4, Catherine Thurston, on ‘Raquel’; 5, Lana Conchie, on ‘Taz’; 6, Dean Bullock, on ‘Simona’.

70-80cms - 1, Leigh Clark, on ‘Storm’; 2, Dean Bullock, on ‘Simona’; 3, Michael Conchie, on ‘Toffee’; 4, Cara Duncan, on ‘Freddie’; 5, Rianne Watt, on ‘Riz’.

80-90cms - 1, Rebecca Rice, on ‘Sonte’; 2, Linda Lowson, on ‘Toffee’; 3, Logan Thomson, on ‘Biscuit’; 4, Leigh Clark, on ‘Storm’; 5, Cara Duncan, on ‘Freddie’.

Open - 1, Rebecca Rice, on ‘Sonte’; 2, Linda Lowson, on ‘Toffee’; 3, Logan Thomson, on ‘Biscuit’.


50cms- 1 (equal), Lorraine Ramsay, on ‘Shah’, and Fiona Strachan, on ‘Kharli’; 3 equal, Kate Stuart, on ‘Jody’, and Joyce Thomson, on ‘Rhuardi’.

70cms - 1, Sharon Steele, on ‘Gypsy’; 2, Kate Williamson, on ‘Rosie’; 3, Rachael Hutton, on ‘Carlos’; 4, Chloe Forbes, on ‘Gem’.

70-80cms - 1, Steve James, on ‘Chester’; 2, Kate Williamson, on ‘Rosie’; 3, Carol Black, on ‘Ellie’; 4, Cheryl Smith, on ‘Star’; 5, Sharon Steele, on ‘Passoa’; 6, Cheryl Smith, on ‘Reggie’.

80-90cms - 1, Kristi James, on ‘Martha’; 2, Rachael Kibbler, on ‘Jack’; 3, Rachael Kibbler, on ‘Rowan’; 4, Sharon Steele, on ‘Beauty’; 5, Jo Guthrie, on ‘Darcy’; 6, Kirsty Wilson, on ‘Archie’.

Open - 1, Kristi James, on ‘Martha’; 2, Carole Clark, on ‘Eck’; 3, Kim Hanton, on ‘Darcy’; 4 equal, Rachael Kibbler, on ‘Rowan’, and Sharon Steele, on ‘Beauty’; 6, Rachael Kibbler, on ‘Jack’.