Cross-country riding

THE WEEKLY summer shows at Rowanlea Riding School, Barry, continued last Wednesday with a cross-country competition between the showers.

Results were:


Pre-novice - 1 (equal), Beki Holmes, on ‘Foxy’, Lana Conchie, on ‘Taz’, Lana Conchie, on ‘Teddy’, Ami Conchie, on ‘Blue’, Rosie Neil, on ‘Minto’, Amy Low, on ‘Bubbles’, and Amy-Rose Hamill, on ‘Molly’.

Novice - 1 (equal), Cara Duncan, on ‘Freddie’, Leigh Clark, on ‘Storm’, Rhianne Watt, on ‘Riz’, Eve Ireland, on ‘Eddie’, Christy Robertson, on ‘Ice’, and Caroline Thurston, on ‘Salsa’.

Open - 1 (equal), Rebecca Rice, on ‘Sonte’, and Logan Thomson, on ‘Biscuit’.


Pre-Novice - 1, Lorraine Ramsay, on ‘Shah’.

Novice - 1, Erin Bertram, on ‘Reggie’.

Open - 1 (equal), Kristi James, on ‘Martha’, Sharon Steele, on ‘Passoa’, Rachael Kibbler, on ‘Jack’, Rachael Kibbler, on ‘Rowan’, Carole Clark, on ‘Eck’, and Carol Black, on ‘Ellie’.