Cup action for ladies’ darts players

Carnoustie Ladies’ Darts League

(sponsored by Corner Hotel)

TO ROUND off the first half of the season, two trophy competitions were held in the Golf Inn last Thursday, December 16.

Winner of the Captains’ Cup was Tracey Martin, Stag, who defeated Michelle Scott, Golf Inn A, in the final.

In the competition for the Vice-Captains’ Cup, the winner was Margaret McKenzie, Corner, and the runner-up, Shiona Torrie, All Stars.

League fixtures resume on Thursday, January 6.

Carnoustie Darts League (sponsored by Leisure Time Transport)

AN ENTRY of 28 players contested the league’s annual Christmas doubles competition at the Golf Inn on Monday night.

The winners were Bradley Martin, Stag, and Steven McDonald, Kinloch, and the runners-up, Andy McGill and Bill Burgess, both Stag.

Ray Gowans, 19TH Hole, scored a ‘180’.

Next league fixtures are on Monday, January 3.