Cup defeat for Carnoustie in the highlands

Ross Sutherland 45, Carnoustie 0

CARNOUSTIE made the long journey to Invergordon on Saturday in the quarter finals of the Area Bowl.

The home team being top of their league, were formidable opponents, and Carnoustie’s youngsters knew they were in for a tough time. The pitch was soft, but conditions were good.

The visitors got the game going and after the initial skirmishes in the middle of the park, Ross made a break, and went wide to open the scoring, with the conversion added.

From the restart, a high tackle from Carnoustie gave away a penalty, which was tapped and run, by the home team, and with some good passing, they broke through, touching down under the posts, but the conversion was missed when the kicker slipped, and the ball went under posts.

FPs restarted with Ross fielding cleanly recycling when held and again running the ball to outstrip the Carnoustie defence for another try and conversion.

The visitors tried hard to get into the game and managed to hold Ross Sutherland through to the half-time whistle.

Half-time: Ross Sutherland 19, Carnoustie 0.

The home players restarted the game with Carnoustie fielding and driving, but lacking support they turned the ball over which the home side played quickly to run in at the corner for another touchdown. The conversion was missed.

From a scrum, the Angus players again kicked poorly and Ross, showing how they are such a good side this season, ran the ball back and with good secure passing touched down and added the conversion.

The northerners ran back the restart but some good tackling from Carnoustie forced them into touch. This good work was undone when Ross won the lineout against the throw and, with some great passing, again crossed for their sixth try, adding the conversion to give them full points.

From the restart more good tackling earned Carnoustie a line-out from which they drove forward but they again lost the ball which Ross ran back and again crossed, with the conversion added.

The visitors retrieved the restart ball and drove, gained a penalty and opted for a scrum from which they drove, but again the ball was turned over and was kicked long upfield where Carnoustie found themselves hanging on, five metres from their own line. This time they managed to disrupt the home scrum, and cleared to touch, bringing the game to an end.

Team: Burwood, Nicholson, Cook, Lynch, Pattullo, Swanson, Shepherd, Murray, Dawson, Millar, Feighan, Reid, Hughes, Dissel, Hall, Addison, Smart, Downie, Stewart.

Tomorrow’s match

Carnoustie are away to top of the league, Grangemouth, tomorrow (Saturday) which will be another big test for the young team.