Darts leagues results and fixtures

Carnoustie League

(sponsored by Skyline Shuttle)

IN THE Carnoustie Darts League, Corner, 19th Hole and Kinloch carried on their winning ways to keep it tight at the top, but Craw’s nest A are still looking for their first points.

Results: Craw’s Nest A 0, 19th Hole 9; Kinloch 6, Craw’s Nest 3; Corner 7, British Legion 2. S. Callander 17 dart 501. G. Merrilees 19 dart 501. S. Yeaman 15 dart 501 and a 107 checkout.

P W L D Pts

Corner 10 8 2 0 16

19th Hole 10 8 2 0 16

Kinloch 10 7 3 0 14

Craw’s Nest 10 4 6 0 8

British Legion 10 3 7 0 6

Craw’s Nest A 10 0 10 0 0

Fixtures: Open Doubles competition, British Legion – S. Callander/G. Heald, S. Smith/F. Smith, M. Barnett/R. Gowans, A. Graham/A. Thomson, R. McGill/G. Murdoch. Corner – G. Elrick/L. Cargill, B. Martin/T. McGill, S. Yeaman/T. Shepherd, G. Tindal/P. Drummond, A. McGill/K. Stewart. Craw’s Nest – M. Taylor/A. Forsyth, D. Cargill/D. Elder, E. Brand/M. Mentiply, G. Irvine/F. Wight, F. Dundas/S. Torrie. Kinloch – G. Merrilees/N. Findlay, B. Mackintosh/K. Robertson, S. Bell/G. Neave, L. Jamieson/T. Gavin, J. Elliott/B. Burgess.

Down to one double per venue, best of three, 501.

Carnoustie Ladies’ League

(sponsored by Corner Hotel)

CRAW’S NEST suffered their first defeat in the Carnoustie Ladies’ Darts League but remain six points clear at the top and Kinloch got their first win. Results: Allstars A 3, British Legion 7; Stag 6, Craw’s Nest 4; Kinloch 6, Corner 4.

P W L D Pts

Craw’s Nest 13 11 1 1 23

Stag 13 7 3 3 17

Corner 13 4 5 4 12

Allstars A 13 5 7 1 11

British Legion 13 3 5 5 11

Kinloch 13 1 10 2 4

Fixtures: Craw’s Nest v British Legion; Allstars A v Kinloch; Corner v Stag.

Steve Clenaghan Auto Centre Darts League

RESULTS: Threes Competition qualifiers, Occidental Bar – Vault Stars (1) D. Clark, L. Giblin, M. Steele, S. Brown, D. Purvis, J. Singer. Vault Bar – Occidental ‘A’ (1) G. Kettles, F. McDonald, T. Ferguson, G. Wilson, A. Dodds, D. McIntosh. Gunners – Doc Ferry’s (1) P. Whyte, G. Adams, J. Robertson, J. Leighton, A. Wilson. Crown – Occidental ‘A’ (2) A. Buick, B. Davis, K. Neave, S. Mitchell, Jamie Buick, A. Farrell.

Fixtures: doubles competition, Vault Bar – F. Sinclair/S. Rennie, Crown; L. Giblin/N. Dewson, Vault Stars; I. Deuchar/D. Glenday, Crown; M. Kendall/J. Nicoll, Vault; N. Manby/R. Steel, Crown; *W. Younger/S. Donald, Vault. Vault Lounge – K. Mitchell/B. Thomson, Vault Stars; S. Lorimer/A. Wilson, Doc Ferry’s; B. Boyd/A. Muir, Eagle; G. Cleary/E. Thomson, Vault; *F. Thomson/B. McKenzie, Eagle; S. Whipp/C. McDonald, Occidental. Crown – J. Robertson/D. Gowans, Doc Ferry’s; D. McGlone/G. Ramsay, Occidental; D. Simpson/G. Milne, Vault; F. McDonald/B. Davis, Occidental ‘A’; *I. Whitton/J. Leighton, Doc Ferry’s. Gunners – G. Wilson/A. Dodds, Occidental ‘A’; S. Clenaghan/B. Gardyne, Doc Ferry’s; G. Robertson/S. Robertson, Gunners; *C. Peggie/B. Daly, Vault Stars; A. Buick/D. MacIntosh, Occidental ‘A’. Doc Ferry’s – P. Ramsay/G. Cairns, Occidental; K. Duke/C. Whyte, Occidental; K. Petrie/*R. Fyffe, Gunners; C. McPherson/B. Millar, Occidental; G. Whyte/C. Whyte, Occidental; A. Farrell/J. Buick, Occidental ‘A’. Eagle – J. Lynch/*T. Grierson, Gunners; T. Ferguson/S. Mitchell, Occidental ‘A’; K. McGinn/G. Wilson, Doc Ferry’s; S. Adam/G. Montieth, Crown; M. Dickson/S. Galbraith, Crown; P. Whyte snr/G. Adams, Doc Ferry’s. Occidental Lounge – D. Terry/W. Forsyth, Occidental; D. Purcis/M. Steele, Vault Stars; Joe Buick/*A. Jones, Occidental ‘A’/Gunners; L. Killburn/A. Brindley, Gunners; P. Whyte jnr/T. Clenaghan, Doc Ferry’s; C. Davidson/A. Stewart, Gunners. Occidental Bar – A. Lorimer/A. Stewart, Eagle; D. Keith/B. Steedman, Eagle; *C. Kirkcaldy/B. Johnston, Eagle; K. Neave/G. Kettles, Occidental ‘A’; D. Clark/S. Brown, Vault Stars; R. Navickas/ A. Morrison, Crown/Vault.

One qualifier per board. * denotes contoller. Sign in by 7.45 p.m.