Darts results

Carnoustie Ladies’ Darts League

(sponsored by Corner Hotel)

IN THE Carnoustie Ladies’ Darts League, All Stars, Stag and Corner all won, so All Stars stay top and Corner move into third spot.

Results: All Stars ‘A’ 0, All Stars 10; Stag 7, British Legion 3; Kinloch 3, Corner 7.

P W L D Pts

All Stars 13 10 1 2 22

Stag 13 8 2 3 19

Corner 13 5 5 3 13

British Legion 13 4 6 3 11

All Stars A 13 4 6 3 11

Kinloch 13 1 12 0 2

Fixtures: Corner v All Stars, All Stars ‘A’ v Stag, British Legion v Kinloch.

There is a captains’ meeting on Thursday (December 15) at 7.30 p.m. in the Corner, followed by Captain’s Cup and Vice-Captain’s Cup.

Carnoustie Darts League

(sponsored by Skyline Shuttle)

IN THE Carnoustie Darts League, Corner’s unbeaten record continued with a close win over Kinloch, and 19TH Hole move into second place with a good win over All Stars.

Results: Corner 5, Kinloch 4; All Stars 3, 19TH Hole 6; Craw’s Nest 5, Stag 4.

T. Shepherd, Corner, 16 dart 501 and scored 180, S. Callander, 19TH Hole, 15 dart 501.

P W L D Pts

Corner 7 7 0 0 14

19TH Hole 7 4 3 0 8

Kinloch 7 3 4 0 6

Stag 7 3 4 0 6

Craw’s Nest 7 3 4 0 6

All Stars 7 1 6 0 3

Fixtures: Kinloch v 19TH Hole, Stag v Corner, Craw’s Nest v All Stars.

Steve Clenaghan Auto Centre Darts League

STEVE Clenaghan Auto Centre Darts League Three’s competition qualifiers.

Occidental: Doc Ferry’s (1); P. Whyte (snr), J. Leighton, G. Adams, P. Whyte, jnr., S. Lorimer. Vault: Gunners (1); J. Lynch, T. Grierson, S. McGregor, A. Brindley, T. Dougan. Crown: Occidental ‘A’ (1); G. Kettles, T. Ferguson, F. McDonald, A. Dodds, A. Farrell, G. Wilson. Anchor: Gunners (2); R.Fyffe, K. Petrie, G. Robertson, C. Davidson, C. McGarrigle, S. Robertson.

Fixtures: Steve Clenaghan Auto Centre Darts League Doubles, one qualifier per board.

Occidental: controller, C. Peggie; G. Cleary/C. Peggie (Vault Stars); S. Keillor/J. Buik (Vault); G. Adams/R. Taylor (Doc Ferry’s); T. Clenaghan/P. Whyte jnr. (Doc Ferry’s); D. Gowans/P. Ramsay (Doc Ferry’s); J. Gordon/S. Lorimer (Doc Ferry’s).

Vault: controller, S. Whipp; M. Dickson/F. Sinclair (Crown); J. Lynch/S. McGregor (Gunners); G. Wilson/K. McGinn (Doc Ferry’s); J. Clegg/L. Giblin (Vault Stars); W. Forsyth/R. Morgan (Occidental); S. Whipp/C. McDonald (Occidental).

Crown: controller, K. Duke; S. Petrie/R. Langskill (Vault Stars); S. Rice/F. Rice (Eagle); K. Duke/C. Whyte (Occidental); G. Milne/B. Gardyne (Vault); G. Whyte/D. Terry (Occidental); J. Rennie/D. Small (Crown).

Occidental lounge: controller, A. Jones; W. Younger/S. Donald (Vault); P. Thompson/M. Kendall (Vault Stars); J. Blake/Carol Whyte (Occidental); B. Davis/M Hannan (Occidental ‘A’); F. McDonald/T. Ferguson (Occidental ‘A’); C. McPherson/R. Bissell (Occidental).

Doc Ferry’s: controller, F. Thomson; B. Lorimer/S. Rennie (Crown); M. Steele/G. Thow (Vault); B. Miller/G. Cairns (Occidental); K. Mitchell/D. Purvis (Vault Stars); B. Steedman/S. Ellis (Eagle); F. Thomson/B. McKenzie (Eagle).

Anchor; controller, P. Whyte snr.; D. Clark/J. Gibson (Vault); G. Kettles/A. Farrell (Occidental ‘A’); K. Petrie/R. Fyffe (Gunners); G. Wilson/A.Dodds (Occidental ‘A’); S. Mitchell/K. Neave (Occidental ‘A’); P. Whyte snr/J. Leighton (Doc Ferry’s).

Eagle: controller, C. Kirkcaldy; C. McGarrigle/C. Davidson (Gunners); D. MacIntosh/A. Buik (Occidental ‘A’); B. Thompson/S. Brown (Vault Stars); A. Muir/D. Carroll (Eagle); C. Kirkcaldy/B. Johnston (Eagle); N. Manby/S.Adam (Crown).

Gunners: controller, I. Whitton; G. Monteith/S. Galbraith (Crown); S. Clenaghan/I. Whitton (Doc Ferry’s); S. Robertson/T. Dougan (Gunners); T. Grierson/G. Robertson (Gunners); D. McGloan/G. Russell (Occidental).

Sign-in no later than 7.45 p.m. Players check where they are drawn in their home venues.