Defeat for FPs in Fife

Madras 25, Carnoustie 15

CARNOUSTIE travelled to St Andrews on Saturday for a return league game, having lost the home game by a margin of two points.

Madras won a line-out ball only to knock on. FPs won the scrum and drove strongly, before the homesters turned the ball over, but their clearing kick was charged down by NIALL SWANSON and he followed up to touch down, but without the conversion.

FPs again attacked the defence, sending the ball wide, then driving, but again the ball was knocked on.

The Fifers then won the scrum ball and drove, gaining a further penalty, which was converted. The restart kick was put out on the full with the homesters winning the subsequent scrum and kicking to touch, but FPs took the line-out against the throw and went wide, only to conceed a penalty. Madras found touch and winning the line-out, sent the ball wide to score, but again with no conversion.

Half time: Madras 8, Carnoustie 5.

The home team restarted kicking short, but failing to gather in the ball cleanly. Carnoustie kicked from the scrum and finding touch and taking the line-out, then gained a penalty. Touch was found and the line-out won and they then set up a series of drives before releasing the back line, who ran the ball and CHRIS RANKIN made a break and touched down, with the conversion kick this time coming back off the posts.

The Fifers restarted with Carnoustie fielding, but they conceded a penalty, only for Madras to do likewise. The visitors took the scrum and drove, but were penalised for failure to release on the ground. The homesters kicked without finding touch, but FPs knocked on and Madras sent scrum ball wide making the break to touch down, but again with no conversion added.

Madras won a line out and ran the ball before knocking on and from the scrum the visitors found touch. The Fifers won the line-out and sent the ball wide, at pace, before cutting back inside to run round and touch down at the posts, this time adding the conversion.

Carnoustie restarted and regained the ball enabling them to drive, but Madras regained the ball on the touchline and transferred it the full width of the pitch, breaking clear on the wing to touch down, but it was too wide out for the conversion.

The home team fielded the restart and again went wide, but threw a forward pass, allowing FPs to establish field position. From a line-out Carnoustie drove, gained a penalty, tapped and drove and gained a further penalty, which again was tapped only for the first pass to be dropped. The visitors drove the scrum and gained a penalty, which was tapped and driven, and a further penalty tapped by CHRIS RANKIN, who drove through to touch down, but again with no conversion.

Team: Wingar, Shepherd, Burwood, Cook, Coffield, Swanson, Rankin, Hall, Bowles, Murray, Fraser, Coates, Addison, Christie, Franco, Donnachie, Ritchie, Ringsell, Dow, Findlay and Thoms.

Tomorrow’s match

Tomorrow (Saturday), Carnoustie are again at Madras, but this time it is in the second round of the Regional Midlands Bowl with a 2 p.m. kick-off.