Derby win for Carnoustie

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Carnoustie High School FP, 26 Panmure 11.

Carnoustie High School FP opened their league campaign at home to local rivals Panmure on a good pitch and in favourable weather conditions.

Both teams had won their Caledonia Regional Bowl fixtures the previous weekend, so a hard game was anticipated.

Carnoustie kicked off and when Panmure failed to take the ball, this gave the home side a scrum in a good attacking position. Carnoustie won the ball and set up a drive, forcing the visitors to concede a penalty, which Niall Swanson converted.

Panmure restarted and as their opponents did, Carnoustie conceded a penalty, but Panmure failed to find the posts.

Carnoustie kicked long from the drop-out, but almost immediately conceded a further penalty, which Panmure miss-hit and the ball ran dead, giving Carnoustie a scrum at the point of the kick.

Carnoustie drove from the scrum before breaking, but the ball-carrier was held up. Panmure won the scrum, but were caught in possession on the ground and failed to release, giving Niall Swanson a kick to the posts, which he converted. From the restart, Panmure gained a penalty, but the ball hit the post and was cleared.

A further series of penalties were conceded before Panmure finally found the posts to open their account.

Carnoustie pressed forward from the restart to gain field position before winning a further penalty, which Niall Swanson again converted.

Panmure restarted with Carnoustie fielding and chipping ahead. Yet another penalty was conceded, but this time it was missed.

Carnoustie knocked-on from the drop-out, but won the scrum only to knock-on again. The home side eventually raised the tempo, playing the ball wide at pace, but could not secure the try their play deserved before the half was brought to an end.

Half-time: Carnoustie High School FP 9, Panmure 3.

Panmure started the second half and when Carnoustie failed to clear, they conceded a penalty, which was converted.

Carnoustie restarted and quickly regained the ball, putting it through the hands before penalised for crossing. Panmure found touch from the penalty, but from the line-out Carnoustie turned the ball over and sent it wide making good ground.

In their next attack from good field position, Carnoustie again played the ball wide, with the attacker stopped illegally. The penalty was quickly tapped and again played through the hands at pace with Lewis THOMS finishing off the move and Niall Swanson converting.

The restart kick failed to carry the requisite 10 metres giving Carnoustie a scrum, which was won with the ball again going through the hands to be stopped illegally at the five-metre mark. The ball was tapped and driven to the line, recycled and driven again, and again recycled before Craig DAWSON burrowed through to touchdown. The conversion was missed.

The restart kick was again knocked-on, but Panmure recovered to press forward, only for the Carnoustie defence to stand their ground before clearing their lines from a scrum.

From a further scrum, Carnoustie drove before recycling and again putting the ball through the forwards hands, allowing Nathan BOWLES to straighten up the line and cross without a hand being laid on him. Again the conversion was missed.

The final minutes of the game found Panmure gaining and holding good field position, enabling them to cross in the corner, too far out for the conversion. The referee then blew for full-time.

Team: K. Burwood, N. Bowles, C. Addison, R. Coates, L. Thoms, N. Swanson, C. Rankin, D. Campbell, S. Esposito, A. Schweizer, E. Fraser, S. Millar, K. Franco, I. Reid, O. Hughes, A. Franco, D. Findlay, C. Dawson.

Carnoustie play Blairgowrie away tomorrow (Saturday) with a 3 p.m. kick-off.