Dunfermline rally to beat Carnoustie

Carnoustie entertained Dunfermline for the very first time on Saturday in a BT Caledonia League Division One match in overcast and cold, windy conditions and on a wet pitch.

Carnoustie failed to find touch and a penalty kick allowed Dunfermline to run the ball back, but again with little headway. Carnoustie then turned over the ball at a Dunfermline drive and set up a good handling movement to pressure the Dunfermline line, but the referee called a forward pass and the move stopped.

Dunfermline again attacked but the ball carrier was held up and the ball turned over, allowing Mike Downie to make good ground before being pulled down. Carnoustie then gained a penalty, but failed to find the posts.

Dunfermline then broke down the wing, but were forced into touch and Carnoustie drove the line-out only to concede another penalty.

The home side then made a strong run, deep into Dunfermline’s 22 and from a line-out they made a series of drives to the line, but the defence held firm, holding up the ball over the line.

Carnoustie turned the ball over and sent it wide before it was chipped down into the corner and Callum McIntosh won the race to the line and touched down, but it was too wide for a successful conversion.

Dunfermline restarted with Carnoustie failing to clear their lines and the visitors drove several times before breaking the defence to touch down, but they also missed the conversion.

Dunfermline fielded the restart and soon converted a penalty for the half-time lead, 8-5.

Carnoustie stuck to their task and held up the ball carrier before working their way upfield where they gained a penalty, which was converted by Danny Van Wyck.

Carnoustie, after some good handling, chipped the ball ahead but this time it was slightly too long, allowing the visitors to touch down.

Dunfermline then went offside at the scrum and Van Wyck again converted to give Carnoustie the lead. Carnoustie were then penalised and Dunfermline found deep touch, winning the line-out and, after a series of drives, they found an opening in the defence to ground the ball and convert to go into the lead.

Tomorrow, Saturday, Carnoustie are again at home, this time entertaining Highland at the High School with a 3 p.m. kick-off.