Eleven will contest eight-ball

Carnoustie Pool League

ELEVEN players are to contest the Eight-ball Trophy competition on Tuesday with an 8 p.m. start.

At Stag - R. Murray, Taymouth Kinners, or L. Scott, Stag Potters, v C. Sandford, Stag, or P. Robertson, Stag Potters; D. Elder, Golf Balls, v W. Wallace, Craw’s Nest.

At Corner - A. Boath, Golf Balls, or G. Torrie, Taymouth Kinners, v G. Singer, Golf Balls; N. Denson, Stag, v D. Russell, Kinloch.

Play down to one winner at each venue.

Draw for the Captains’ Cup competition on Wednesday with an 8 p.m. start:

At 19TH Hole - Taymouth Kinners or Golf Inn v Kinloch or Stag; Stag Potters v Golf Balls.

At Craw’s Nest - 19TH Hole or Craw’s Nest v C. Oldershaw, Stag, or G. Sandilands, 19TH Hole; Dalhousie v Corner.

Down to one winner at each venue.