Emphatic win for FPs

Carnoustie 65, Fife Southern 8

CARNOUSTIE High School FPs continued their quest for a first league win of the season against opponents who themselves only opened their account last week.

The homesters kicked off with Fife Southern fielding and kicking straight into Carnoustie hands and they forced a penalty. The line out was won and a good break made infield which was stopped illegally close to the line. The ball was tapped and OWEN HUGHES crashed over in the corner, but the conversion fell short.

FPs attacked again, with both forwards and backs involved and it fell to IAN REID to break the last tackle and cross, but again without a conversion.

The home players fielded the restart and gained a penalty, but failed to use the ball well and then conceded a penalty to the visitors, who failed to find the posts with their kick. From the drop out Carnoustie fielded, but kicked the ball out on the full.

Southern’s throw at the line-out wasn’t straight and FPs drove the scrum, but conceded a penalty allowing the Fifers to put points on the board. The visitors fielded the restart, but were caught in possession and turned the ball over allowing Carnoustie to run the ball wide, where they were forced to touch.

FPs took the line out against the throw with JONNY CHRISTIE breaking cleanly through the defence to touch down, but again without a conversion. The visitors restarted with Carnoustie fielding and breaking, only to knock on. The home outfit then took the scrum against the head and broke blind forcing a further penalty to be conceded, which was tapped and played through the hands for STEWART MILLAR to take the ball at pace and cruise to the line with full points added by CHRIS RANKIN.

When the visitors restarted, FPs knocked on and Southern drove strongly from the scrum, but when they were stopped, Carnoustie turned the ball over and went wide at pace, and, although losing the ball, it went backwards and was kicked along the ground for CHRIS RANKIN to win the chase to touch down. Again the conversion failed.

The game restarted with the homesters fielding and kicking and with the visitors taking the ball in, but then knocking on. From the scrum the Fifers went offside and touch was found and with the line out won, the ball was taken infield where the defence conceded a penalty. FPs opted for a scrum and CHRIS RANKIN strode away down the blind side to touch down, but once again the conversion was unsuccessful.

From the restart, touch was found and Fife Southern made a quick break from the line-out and were only stopped at the try line, where Carnoustie turned the ball over, only to knock on a few yards from the line. The home players drove the scrum and cleared their lines, taking the line out against the throw and playing at pace through countless hands with LEWIS THOMS finishing off. As before, the conversion was missed.

Half time: Carnoustie 37, Fife Southern 3.

The visitors restarted and FPs knocked on. From the scrum Southern found touch, but Carnoustie took a quick throw-in and the backs set off at pace, breaking up the wing and, when stopped, the ball was quickly recycled and IAN REID raced unhindered to the line and this time with full points added.

The homesters gathered the restart kick, but again knocked on allowing the Fife outfit to kick from the scrum and then take a clean line-out ball before setting up a series of drives which eventually breached the home defence with a touch down, but with no conversion.

Southern ran back the restart, but were forced to the touch line where FPs forced them into touch. Again the throw wasn’t straight and Carnoustie ran the ball from the scrum, but were stopped with a high tackle and were awarded a penalty which missed the posts

The drop out was knocked on and the Fifers kicked from the scrum, with FPs fielding and again counter attacking.

ALLY SHEPHERD squeezed in at the corner and this time with the conversion was added.

From the restart, the visitors were offside, but the home players knocked on from the scrum, and from a further scrum, they broke, but again lost the ball. From that scrum ball FPs found a long touch and with Southern penalised for again not throwing straight, Carnoustie again went wide from the scrum and IAN COOK broke the line to touch down, with full points added.

The homesters fielded the restart and cleared to touch where the visitors’s throw again wasn’t straight, but they took the scrum and drove, but then allowed the ball to go loose and run to touch. FPs won the line-out, breaking cleanly with KYLE BURWOOD charging through to touch down and with the successful conversion ending the game.

This was an excellent result, lifting Carnoustie off the bottom of the table.

Team: L. Thoms, J. Donnachie, I. Cook, K. Burwood, N. Swanson, C. Rankin, T. Hall, N. Bowles, C. Dawson, S. Millar, J. Christie, I. Reid, K. Franco, O’Hughes, D. Nicholson, A. Finn, J. Paxton, E. Downie, A. Morton, D. Rankin, D. Findlay, Jack, and E. Fraser.

Tomorrow’s match

Carnoustie are at home again tomorrow (Saturday) against Panmure.