First day defeat for Carnoustie

Alloa 25, Carnoustie 11

CARNOUSTIE High School FP Rugby Club travelled to Alloa on Saturday for their first away game of the new season, with several players unavailable.

The visitors kicked off with Alloa fielding and kicking straight to Owen Hughes who ran the ball back gaining a penalty when stopped. Touch was found, but the line-out throw wasn’t straight and at the ensuing scrum Alloa were penalised, allowing NIALL SWANSON to open the scoring.

Carnoustie were pushed off the ball at the next scrum, and Alloa ran the ball, also gaining a penalty when stopped which was kicked cleanly, levelling the score.

The visitors were deemed to have released the ball and then pulled it back in, conceding the penalty which Alloa tapped, only to knock on.

The Carnoustie men cleared the ball to touch at the scrum, then took the line out, but lost the ball going forward and from the scrum the home scrum-half broke down the side and had a clear run to touch down. He also kicked the conversion for full points.

From a line-out, Carnoustie cleared, but failed to find touch, allowing the home players to field and run the ball back through the defence to touch down and add full points.

Alloa fielded the restart and kicked upfield allowing the FPs to field and run the ball, with Johnny Christie making good ground before giving it to winger LEWIS THOMS. He beat his man before stepping inside the last defender to touch down. The conversion was missed.

Half-time: Alloa 17, Carnoustie 8.

Alloa got the second half under way with Nathan Bowles fielding and driving. At the drop out Carnoustie ran the ball and gained a penalty which they tapped and ran, but turned over, allowing Alloa to run and, when stopped, gain a penalty.

The homesters found touch, but knocked on at the line-out and were then penalised at the scrum. Carnoustie failed to find touch with the penalty, but good following up allowed them to take down the ball carrier and then drive the ball. Alloa then drove and conceded a penalty which was tapped and Gavin Dissel broke through before kicking.

The homesters gathered, but were forced to touch where they conceded another penalty which NIALL SWANSON converted.

The visitors were then caught offside and Alloa kicked to the five-metre line, won the ball and a penalty which they converted.

The hosts, on their next use of the ball, again kicked and gained another penalty which was tapped and with quick hands they were able to breach the Carnoustie defence and touch down, but without the conversion.

Team: Burwood, Thoms, Lynch, Addison, Finn, Swanson, Shepherd, Hall, Bowles, Dissel, Lawton, Christie, Reid, Franco, Hughes, Downie, Stewart, McDonald and Findlay.