First league win of the season for Carnoustie High School FPs

Carnoustie HSFP 13,

Fife Southern 7

CARNOUSTIE entertained Fife Southern in their first game for several weeks. In the corresponding game at Rosyth in September, Carnoustie lost by the narrow margin of eight points.

Overhead conditions were good, with the pitch soft and only a light breeze.

The homesters got the game underway with the Fifers fielding, but Carnoustie turned the ball over and immediately played it through the hands, but knocked on.

FPs won the scrum against the head and drove forward, gaining a penalty which Niall Swanson converted. The restart was kicked out and from the scrum.

The home team broke and kicked, with the visitors fielding and running the ball back, but in contact they turned the ball over allowing Colin Jeffrey to break, but he was stopped and held up.

The Fifers won the scrum and were awarded a penalty, but they missed touch, allowing Carnoustie to run the ball back before kicking. The visitors fielded and kicked back with FPs knocking on. The homesters broke well from the scrum but were pulled up for accidental offside.

It was then Fife Southern’s turn to break and drive but although the home team turned the ball over, they went to ground and held on to the ball conceding a penalty which was missed.

The 22 drop out was long, but the follow up was fast, and the fielder was caught in possession. He held on to the ball, conceding a penalty which again Niall Swanson successfully converted.

FPs misfielded the restart but won the scrum against the head breaking upfield, but a solid defence forced them to touch. From the scrum in their own 22, the visitors kicked down the wing and followed up hard. They got a foot to the ball to hack it forward but the home defence got back and scrambled it into touch deep in their 22.

Carnoustie won the line-out and drove upfield but knocked on. The scrum was taken against the head and touch found in the visitors’ 22. From the line-out, the homesters gained a penalty which they tapped and drove, only to concede a penalty. The line-out was won, allowing Steven Esposito to drive strongly and touch down. Again, Niall Swanson put the ball cleanly through the sticks to gain the conversion.

Half time: Carnoustie 13, Fife Southern 0.

The visitors restarted and, with the Carnoustie defence in disarray, they attacked up the left touchline to touch down and got maximum points with the conversion.

There then came a period with both teams gaining good field position only to give it away with penalties. The Fifers gained a penalty in a good position but the kick for goal was poor, going well wide of the posts.

From the drop-out, FPs knocked on, allowing Southern to maintain field position but without threatening the home line. Carnoustie defended solidly and, when given the chance, drove strongly at the opposition but could not hold on to the ball, and were soon back in a defensive situation.

With the pressure mounting as the game reached the last few minutes, the visitors attacked through the forwards’ driving, but the Carnoustie defence was strong and held up the ball carrier over the line.

A further penalty was conceded by Carnoustie and, with the referee announcing that this would be the last play of the game, Southern tapped and ran the 5 metre penalty but the defence came off the line at pace knocking the ball carrier back and forcing the visitors to play the ball wide. This allowed the Carnoustie wide defence to wrestle the ball from the ball carrier and to touchdown to end the move and the game.

Although many tackles were missed in open play, the Carnoustie defence in tight situations was immense. Hopefully the first league win of the season will allow them to kick on, with the next two games against opposition who won the previous games by a narrow margin.

Team: Burwood, Nicholson, Cook, Rankin, Coffield, Swanson, Jeffrey, T.Hall, Murray, Dawson, Dissel, Cowan, Esposito, Millar, Hughes, Addison, Anderson, Reid, Blackmore, Shepherd, Bowles and Langlands.

Tomorrow’s match

Tomorrow (Saturday) Carnoustie High School FPs are away to Blairgowrie with a 2 p.m. kick-off.


P W L D B Pts

Grangemouth 10 10 0 0 5 45

St Andrews Uni. 10 9 1 0 8 44 Madras 11 8 3 0 7 39

Harris FP 10 8 2 0 4 36

Stirling Uni. 11 6 5 0 5 29

Alloa 11 4 7 0 4 20

Kinross 11 3 8 0 3 15

Blairgowrie 11 3 8 0 1 13

Fife Southern 12 2 10 0 2 10

Carnoustie 11 1 10 0 2 6