Fish are biting and takes are bountiful at local fisheries

Kingennie returns

THE FISHING this week at Forbes of Kingennie has seen some superb catches with large numbers of fish being caught from all the ponds.

The dry fly has really come into its own on the Burnside with nymphs being very successful in the Boathouse now that the water is very clear again.

The Bankside is also fishing very well with most patterns taking fish.

There have also been some very large fish caught on the Bankside which has made the fishing quite interesting.

On the Boathouse the top method has been a floating line with a hot head damsel. However with the clear water nymphs and buzzers have been very effective.

The average size of fish this week has been around the 6lb mark with the biggest fish going to J. Tuberfield with a rainbow of 11lb 9oz. The biggest bag was taken by G. Smith with four rainbows for 34lbs.

The Burnside has been on great form with most fish being caught on drys or buzzers. Lures are still taking fish but they do seem preoccupied on naturals.

The top patterns have been small dries such as shuttlecocks and sugar cube shipman’s. Black buzzers and red daiawl bachs have also taken a lot of fish.

The biggest fish this week was caught by J. Greenfield with a brown of 5lbs on a Montana. The biggest bag was taken by S. Rodger with four fish for 6lbs with 24 c+r.

The Bankside has been fishing well with fish being caught on everything from blobs and bunny leaches to tiny dries and nymphs. There have been some big fish taken with three fish over double figures being caught. The biggest was taken by S. Gordon with a 12lbs rainbow that was returned. The biggest bag was taken by T. Webster with five fish for 17lbs, with one at 7lbs.

The Woodside has continued to fish well with most fish coming to the spinner or the worm, however there are still fish coming to powerbait and maggots. The biggest fish of the week was taken by F. Small at 3lbs.

The biggest bag was taken by the Black family with 10 fish for 16lbs.

Carlogie Dam

AMONG the anglers enjoying returns at Carlogie Dam Fishings this week was Ally Stewart, from Dundee, who caught five fish, returned three and kept two weighing 6lb 8ozs caught on a green lure.

Jim Tait from Forfar caught nine fish, returned four and kept five weighing 14lbs caught on a green pea lure, his best an 8lb rainbow. Hue Findlay, Monifieth, caught and kept two fish weighing 4lbs 4ozs on lures. J. Lamond, from Coupar Angus, caught and kept four fish weighing 7lbs 8ozs on buzzers. Steve Gordon, Dundee, caught 12 fish, returned 10 and kept two weighing 11lb8ozs on a damsel, his best a rainbow weighing 7lbs 2ozs.

Marc Petrie, from Dundee, caught and kept two fish weighing 8lbs caught on a CDC, his best a rainbow weighing 6lbs. S. Hogan, Arbroath, caught five fish, returned three and kept two weighing 4lbs 12ozs on various lures. Jim Cuthill, from Carnoustie, caught and kept two fish weighing 11lbs on lures. Bob Harvey, Leuchars, caught and kept five fish weighing 20lbs 4ozs on an orange nymph, his best a rainbow weighing 7lbs.

Tony Fenemore, from Broughty Ferry, caught 12 fish, returned seven and kept five weighing 10lbs on George’s buzzer. Wullie Thomson, Dundee, caught four fish, returned two and kept two weighing 4lbs 8ozs on lures. J. Scobie, from Perth, caught five fish, returned one and kept four weighing 12lbs on a damsel.

On catch and release this week was Dave Simpson, from Forfar, who caught and returned 10 on lures. Wullie Milne, also Forfar, caught and returned 10 fish on dries. George Woods, Montrose, caught and returned 20 fish on buzzers. Jim Tait, from Forfar, caught and returned over 20 on buzzers. Derek Glover, Dundee, caught and returned nine on buzzers. Dave Thoms, from Carnoustie, caught and returned nine fish all on dries. Ian Strachan, Laurencekirk, caught and returned eight on buzzers.

S. Duff, from Alyth, caught and returned seven on various lures. George Anderson, Dundee, caught and returned eight fish on various buzzers. Jack Beattie, from Carnoustie, caught and returned eight fish on a bunny leach. John Beattie, also Carnoustie, caught and returned seven on dries and buzzers. G. Strachan, Laurenckirk, caught and returned four on a cat’s whisker. John Orr, from Carnoustie, caught and returned four fish on buzzers, while Chris Cooper, Dundee, caught and returned 13 on buzzers.

Rescobie Loch

FISHING can be a frustrating sport as everyone knows but it has reached new heights at Rescobie Loch. Evening rise of unprecedented size have delighted anglers until they realise that the fish steadfastly refuse to look at anything offered, not even the customary one suicidal trout to give a little hope to those demented souls.

Despite this, persistence pays off sometimes and one or two smiling faces are seen at weighing in time. Damsels, cats, dapplers and buzzers are taking fish quite a bit down.

Some recent bank successes were: D. Nicoll (Arbroath) four for 8lbs 8oz, J. Campbell (Brechin) four for 10lbs, F. Keith (Dundee) four for 9lbs, D.M. Smith (Arbroath) four for 9lbs 12oz, R. Gray (Birkhill) four for 10lbs, W. Massie (Forfar) four for 10lbs 6oz and I. Robertson (Dundee) four for 8lbs 8oz.

From the boats: D. Blythe (Lour) four for 15lbs 4oz, W. Johnston (Blair) four for 15lbs, J. Coghill (Brechin) four for 8lbs 8oz, J. Henderson (Montrose) four for 9lbs, C. Thornton (Montrose) four for 14lbs 8oz and D. Young (Monikie) four for 16lbs 4oz.

R. Gray (Montrose) held out to take ‘Gow’s Fish of the Month’ with his 10lbs 11oz rainbow. On the leaderboard at the moment is D. Young (Monifieth) with one at 8lbs 13oz. Some other good fish to come off were: R. Clark (Arbroath) 5lbs 8oz brown, I. Baxter (Forfar) 5lbs 8oz, and R. Ramsay (Brechin) 6lbs 12oz.

The Maggie’s charity event takes place on Saturday and Sunday, June 11 and 12. There are still boats available so book a place now by ‘phoning the boathouse on 01307 830367.