FPs lose out to Alloa in Regional Bowl competition

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CARNOUSTIE entertained Alloa in the second round of the Regional Bowl on a very wet and heavy pitch but dry overhead.

The home team had a point to prove, having suffered a heavy defeat in the league.

Alloa got the game under way with the home side fielding and Chris Rankin clearing but the follow-up was unco-ordinated with the tackler offside.

The visitors found touch deep in the home half but could not penetrate a sound defence. Alloa changed tactics with a short chip ahead only to find a short touch. Carnoustie kicked from the line-out and, following up, caught Alloa in possession, forcing them to touch.

From the line-out FPs gained a penalty for offside which Rankin goaled.

Peter Christie fielded the restart and the ball was driven before being kicked, giving Alloa possession but good defence forced them to touch. The home line-out saw the ball going over the back of the line and the visitors gathered, playing the ball wide at pace with a charge down the wing, breaking tacklers before being finished off with an outrageous dummy then touching down with full points added.

The restart was kicked high, enabling the catcher to be caught and ruck formed, but a penalty was conceded. The kick was long, with FPs fielding and setting up a ruck. They were again penalised but the kick was wide and touched down.

Alloa fielded the drop-out and drove, but were penalised. The home side won the line and chipped ahead but the ball was too long and was easily touched down. FPs fielded the drop-out and drove, gaining a penalty which Rankin converted.

Carnoustie fielded the restart and drove before going through the hands for field position. From the scrum the kick was well judged, forcing Alloa to scramble the ball to touch but the good work was undone with a squint throw to the line allowing the visitors to clear.

In the next play Alloa misfielded and were driven backwards to touch. Fps lost concentration, conceding several penalties and from one close to the line, the visitors tapped the ball and breached the defence to touch down but the conversion was missed.

Alloa again established an attacking position from the restart and, although Carnoustie cleared, touch was not found allowing the visitors to take play wide before kicking down the line. With the rolling ball mishandled the visitors shipped the ball up to cross the line but no points were added.

The remainder of the first half was played mainly in centre field and with errors abounding neither team could achieve any momentum. Alloa were closest but the homesters stopped the play and turned the ball over as the referee blew for half-time.

Carnoustie restarted with Alloa knocking on. FPs won the scrum and drove, gaining a penalty which Rankin again converted. Carnoustie fielded the restart and cleared, but the visitors hit back with a chip down the wing which forced the homesters to scramble the ball to touch.

From the line-out FPs were penalised but from the tap the visitors knocked on. The homesters, with the help of penalties, gained ground and set up a strong drive, then from a scrum set up a further drive before going offside.

Carnoustie then went wide from a scrum before kicking, only for the ball to be returned with interest. FPs went wide from the line-out but again kicked for Alloa to return the kick and force a knock-on.

Alloa gained a penalty which they tapped and drove before cross kicking, but the ball was long and easily diffused in the in goal area. The visitors fielded the drop-out and again kicked too long, with a similar result.

FPs regained the drop-out and made good ground before turning over the ball which Alloa sent wide, at pace, enabling them to cross for a try with the conversion added.

From the restart the visitors were caught in possession and from the scrum Carnoustie kicked with a good follow-up but the visitors cleared.

Carnoustie then drove but were penalised for holding on, Alloa tapped and replicated the situation before FPs tapped and drove but fell foul of the official. The home side then lost a line-out allowing Alloa to pick up and play the ball wide before being stopped and the game brought to an end.

Carnoustie: J. Pattulo, N. Bowles, B. Langlands, C. McNichol, D. Nichelson, C. Rankin, C. Jeffrey, T. Hall, C. Murray, G. Dissel, E. Murray, P. Christie, S. Esposito, A. MacDonald, S. Millar, G. Smart, G. Stewart, J. Allen and G. Low.