FPs now only a point off the top

Carnoustie FPs
Carnoustie FPs

Carnoustie HSFP 25,

Grangemouth Stags RFC 17

Carnoustie entertained Grangemouth Stags on Saturday in their continuing quest for wins, with a view to taking full points against the only team to have won a league game against them.

The pitch was soft, but holding, and the weather conditions were good. Carnoustie kicked off with Grangemouth fielding and kicking.

The home side fielded and ran the ball back making good ground and they then won line-out ball which was run, but the ball was turned over in the tackle, allowing the visitors to clear. The visitors maintained field position and from a scrum ran the ball, breaking Carnoustie’s defensive line in centre field and running clear to touch down with full points added.

FPs gained a penalty at a line-out, finding touch close to the visitors’ line, and from the line-out, they drove the ball forward allowing OWEN HUGHES to touch down, but without the conversion points. Carnoustie fielded the restart and drove forward, gaining a penalty and again driving forward from the line-out, but the ball was turned over.

They continued with their driving game, but were penalised and then Grangemouth went offside accidentally at the line-out and Carnoustie won the scrum, sending the ball wide, but then knocking on.

The home side continued to drive and made a good break, but were forced to touch and after taking the line-out against the throw they set up another solid drive to the line where IAN REID got the touch down, but again with no conversion. Grangemouth restarted and a mistake by the home side allowed them to run and drive the ball from the scrum and gain a penalty which was converted and brought the half to an end.

Half-time: Carnoustie 10, Grangemouth Stags RFC 10.

Grangemouth got the second half under way with Carnoustie fielding, but being caught in possession and the ball was turned over, but then lost.

The homesters won the scrum and kicked, with Grangemouth returning the kick, which was knocked on. The away side then conceded a penalty which was quickly tapped and run, then sent wide to MIKE DOWNIE who crossed to touch down, but again with no conversion.

From a line-out, the visitors, under pressure, cleared the ball to touch, but with little ground made and Carnoustie took the line-out and set up a series of drives which culminated in NATHAN BOWLES getting a hotly disputed touch down, but as before, without the conversion.

FPs drove from a line-out, then, from a scrum, sent the ball wide to MIKE DOWNIE who ran in to get his second try, but again with no conversion. From a scrum, Grangemouth set up a series of drives before sending the ball wide for the stand-off to find space to cross at the post with full points added.

Carnoustie had a chance to get on the scoresheet at the end, but they knocked on and the referee blew for full time.

Team - R. Coates, J. Donnachie, C. Addison, G. Johns, M. Downie, D. Van Wyk, C. Rankin, A. Schweizer, F. Simpson, D. Campbell, O. Hughes, S. Millar, A. Franco, N. Bowles, I. Reid, C. Dawson, C. Murray, L. Thoms and D. Findlay.

Tomorrow’s Match

Tomorrow (Saturday), Carnoustie are away to local side Panmure who sit second bottom of the table and who they beat at home in the first game of the season. This will be a 3 p.m. kick-off. 

Results: Panmure 22, Howe of Fife 2nd XV 31; Madras Rugby 52, Kinross 8; Blairgowrie RFC 7, Harris Academy FP RFC 39.

BT Caledonia League

Division Two Midlands


Harris FP 14 12 2 0 12 0 60

Carnoustie 14 12 1 1 8 1 59

Alloa 15 11 3 1 11 0 57

Grangemouth 13 8 5 0 10 1 43

Madras Rugby 14 7 7 0 7 0 32

Howe 2nd XV 13 5 8 0 6 2 28

Kinross 15 5 10 0 5 1 26

Stirling Uni* 13 6 7 0 6 2 20

Panmure* 15 2 13 0 2 0 3

Blairgowrie* 14 1 13 0 0 1 2

*Points deduction applied.