FPs’ quest for league points continues

CARNOUSTIE travelled to Alloa to continue their quest for league points. The team showed a lot of changes, due to injuries and unavailability. A young XV took the field with many players out of position. The pitch was very soft and heavy, but overhead conditions excellent.

FPs got off to a poor start by failing to clear the 10-metre line. From the scrum, Alloa were pressured and knocked on. Carnoustie won the scrum and kicked, but the home side fielded and ran the ball back, eventually knocking on.

From the scrum, the visitors went wide, but turned the ball over, and were then penalised. Alloa drove from the line-out before kicking, but Carnoustie defused the situation with a mark. Touch was missed, but the homesters dropped the ball under pressure, allowing the visitors to clear.

Alloa again drove, but a solid tackle, dislodged the ball. From the scrum, FPs gained a penalty for offside, found touch, but knocked on at the line-out. The homesters changed tactics chipping ahead, but again a clean mark stopped the move. Alloa came again with the ball through the hands, but knocked on.

From the scrum, Carnoustie drove, but were penalised, allowing Alloa to find touch, in the 22, from which they drove, but again solid tackling dislodged the ball. The visitors kicked upfield, but Alloa fielded, and kicked into space, winning the race to the ball, hacking on, to touch down. The try was converted.

The home side knocked on the restart, and, from the scrum, conceded a penalty. Touch was found at the 15-metre line, but Alloa won the ball, and cleared. From the line-out, Carnoustie gained a penalty, and again, found a 15m touch, drove, recycled and drove again, to draw a penalty, from which Jonny Pattullo opened their scoring.

At the restart, Carnoustie lost the ball, which Alloa then played wide, drove, recycled and broke clear, only to throw the last pass forward. FPs won the scrum and cleared to the 22. At the line-out, the home side made a clean break, to touch down for an easy try and conversion. Alloa fielded the restart and drove, recycled, and went through the hands, only to knock on and bring the half to an end.

Half-time: Alloa 14, Carnoustie 3.

Alloa restarted, with Carnoustie fielding and kicking, only for the homesters to run the ball back, and break cleanly down the wing, to touch down and add full points.

Alloa fielded the restart, but the ball went loose, and was knocked on. In their next attack the home side kicked, and although FPs fielded the ball cleanly, they were caught in possession, and the ball was turned over. Alloa quickly played the ball through the hands, to cross again and add full points.

The homesters kicked the restart to touch, but Carnoustie failed to throw the ball in straight, and, from the scrum Alloa broke forward, but the ball was turned over, and cleared. At the line-out they drove, before sending the ball wide to score, but this time they missed the conversion.

Alloa ran back the restart and kicked, but were penalised when the covering FPs’ player was pushed out of the way. From the penalty Carnoustie found touch, but lost the throw, allowing Alloa to chip into the 22, from where they drove, gained a penalty for offside, tapped and drove again, finding space to drive over and touchdown. The conversion was good and brought the game to an end.

Team : Burwood, Pattullo, Lynch, Cook, Nicholson, Jeffrey, Smart, Stewart, Murray, Hall, Coates, Downie, Addison, Cowan, Dawson and McDonald.