FPs’ Second XV in exciting drawn game

Carnoustie HSFPs 2nd XV 26,

Strathmore 2nd XV 26

WITH good overhead conditions and a wet pitch Strathmore got Saturday’s game going, finding touch.

Carnoustie won the line-out and chipped ahead only for the visitors to field and send up a high ball which the homesters dropped.

As the sides settled FPs gained better field position and with good hands went wide, gaining a penalty for the visiting backs straying offside. Carnoustie opted for a scrum and again went wide but dropped the ball.

The situation was rectified by winning the scrum against the head and again going wide before losing the ball which Strathmore cleared to touch. Carnoustie took a quick throw-in, sending the ball wide and, with the defence out of position, room was made for Johnny Pattullo to cross with full points added.

The restart was fielded by Peter Christie and then cleared long upfield into touch. Carnoustie won the line-out and played the ball quickly to the other touchline for Nathan Bowles to touch down with full points added.

The visitors took a scrum against the head before gaining a penalty. With good field position they rucked and drove through the midfield to touch down at the posts with full points added.

When the ball was turned over FPs were clearing from deep allowing Strathmore time to field cleanly without pressure being applied. From a line-out the visitors made good ground and then gained a penalty for holding on. They opted for a scrum, then won a subsequent line-out before sending the ball wide to cross far out with the conversion failing. The half-time whistle blew.

Carnoustie found touch from the restart but from the line out Strathmore turned the ball over, making a clean break upfield and when stopped, recycled the ball and went through the hands again to cross with full points added.

From a penalty Strathmore made an attacking position and from the scrum drove through to touch down and add full points. The homesters fielded the restart and drove, gaining a penalty which was tapped, driven and recycled.

From the line-out Carnoustie put the ball through the hands, recycled when stopped, and came wide on the other side for Nathan Bowles to touch down with full points added.

From the restart Strathmore fielded but were penalised for not releasing. FPs tapped the penalty and with good interpassing made space for Bruce Langlands to step through to touch down, with the conversion failing.

Carnoustie fielded the restart and put the ball through the hands before clearing. Strathmore came back into the game and with good hands went wide, creating an overlap for the winger who knocked on with the line at his mercy.

Then from a line-out the visitors chipped but the ball was clocked and bounced away to the in-goal to be touchdown. The drop-out failed to cross the line and from the scrum Strathmore rucked the ball but in playing it wide threw a forward pass which brought the game to an end.

This was a game with good movement and a continuing interest enjoyed by players and spectators.

Team: Pattullo, Bowles, Beatty, Langlands, Morrison, Rankin, Smart, Addison, Murray, Christie, Murray, Patterson, Coffield and Smith.

1st XV

Carnoustie play at Blairgowrie on March 5 with a 3 p.m. kick-off.

Scottish Hydro Caledonia League Two (Midlands)

P W L D F A BP Pts

Madras 11 11 0 0 498 141 9 53

Fife S 13 9 4 0 465 125 12 48

Alloa 11 7 4 0 304 177 5 33

Carn HSFP 11 7 4 0 178 251 2 30

Blairgowrie 10 4 6 0 243 191 7 23

Kinross 11 4 7 0 159 258 4 20

Arbroath 11 1 10 0 89 420 3 7

Crieff 10 1 9 0 61 434 0 4