FPs suffer defeat in final league clash of the season

Kinross 10, Carnoustie HSFP 3

CARNOUSTIE High School FPs travelled to Kinross for their last league game of the season.

The visitors got the game under way with the home side fielding and clearing upfield to touch. Carnoustie cleared from the line-out only to concede a penalty which was put to touch close to the goal line, but the throw was squint enabling FPs to run the ball from the scrum before Graham Hay drove upfield only to fail to release the ball on the ground.

Both sides then mishandled before Carnoustie, from a scrum deep in their own 22, put the ball through the hands gaining 70 yards before being stopped, but a penalty was gained which was tapped and driven and again a penalty gained which Chris Rankin converted.

The visitors allowed the restart to bounce and Kinross gratefully snapped up the ball going through the hands but were penalised and then turned the ball over but the home side kicked and failed to find touch allowing Carnoustie to clear.

Kinross chipped into space but the ball was too long and touched down. FPs tapped the drop out but the passed the ball forward. From the scrum the homesters passed the ball wide but stout defence forced a drop ball which was hacked upfield with Carnoustie then gaining line-out ball and driving before conceding a penalty. From the subsequent line out they turned it over and made little use of it before getting turned over themselves.

Kinross made good use of the ball kicking long down the wing with Carnoustie scrambling to get the ball out of play. However, the visitors won the line and cleared. The home side returned to attack. They were stopped by a strong tackle but maintained field position and when Carnoustie were careless with a line-out ball, failing to gather and take the ball in, Kinross were quick to kick the ball forward and in following up got first touch to the ball to ground for the try. With the conversion failing the referee blew for half-time.

The home side restarted, FPs fielded and Chris Rankin broke well but when stopped the ball was turned over and sent quickly to the wing for the wide man to break clear and touchdown in the corner with the kick missed. Carnoustie fielded their own short restart but then knocked on.

Both sides were guilty of sloppy handling and poor decision making but the home side maintained much the better field position and when awarded the penalty they were able to go for the posts but missed. From the drop-out Kinross fielded near the touch line and the ball carrier was forced out. Carnoustie won the line-out and rucked the ball but poor retention allowed the ball to be turned over.

The visitors were on the backfoot, but a scrum against the head gave them impetuous to set up consecutive drives and gain a penalty but at the subsequent line out they were caught accidentally offside. Carnoustie then had a lucky break when a Kinross player touched the corner flag as he touched down and from the scrum Carnoustie cleared. In this final fling Graham Hay turned over ball and Carnoustie broke strongly into the 22 whereby the full-time whistle was blown.

Team: Coffield, Nicholson, McNichol, Hay, Bowles, Rankin, Jeffrey, Hall, Murray, Ringcell, Christie, Addison, Macdonald, Langlands, Wood, Pattullo and Low.

The 2nd XV face Grangemouth 2nd XV tomorrow (Saturday) at Carnoustie High School where the kick-off is 3 p.m.

Scottish Hydro Caledonia League 2 (Midlands)

P W L D F A BP Pts

Madras 13 13 0 0 670 156 11 63

Fife So 14 10 4 0 482 141 12 52

Alloa 13 9 4 0 365 200 7 43

Blair’ 14 7 7 0 354 239 9 37

Carn HSFP 14 8 6 0 218 290 5 37

Kinross 14 6 8 0 220 307 5 29

Crieff 14 1 13 0 115 628 1 5

*Arbroath 14 1 13 0 123 586 3 2

* five points deducted