FPs take second place after low-scoring victory

Johnny Christie
Johnny Christie

CARNOUSTIE High School FPs entertained Kinross on league business on Saturday for the first time in several years.

Before the enforced break the visitors had shown better results than the home team but FPs had the advantage of having played last week.

The referee, after checking ground conditions, took the decision to play on the training pitch.

Carnoustie kicked off with Kinross fielding but being quickly forced into touch.

FPs won the line-out and gained a penalty but the kick was wide.

Kinross dropped out with Carnoustie fielding and then driving hard, but when held they were penalised for dangerous use of the boot.

The visitors found touch and won the line-out. Strong tackling stopped the subsequent move but this was negated by conceding a penalty which Kinross put past the post.

From the drop-out Kinross knocked on from the scrum. Carnoustie kicked long but the visitors cleared to touch.

From the line FPs went wide and then set up a strong drive before knocking on.

Kinross fed the scrum but were driven back and forced to touch down.

The home side won the scrum and drove but then turned the ball over.

The visitors went wide before kicking upfield and gaining a penalty for obstruction. Finding touch they won the line-out then gained a penalty for offside.

The simplest of penalties for Kinross was missed.

From the drop-out kicks were exchanged before Carnoustie won line-out ball, allowing Bruce Langlands to attempt a drop goal which was just short.

In the next attack the visitors cleared long to touch and the homesters attempted to take quick throw in but were caught in possession. Short of numbers they lost the ball but a defiant scrambling defence managed to clear the danger.

From a subsequent scrum number eight Johnny Christie broke strongly but lacked support enabling Kinross to kick upfield. Tony Coffield diffused the situation with a clean mark.

FPs then kicked high and long upfield with the chase being swift and in numbers. The ball was claimed and fed to Dean Nicholson who was stopped a foot short of the try line.

Carnoustie maintaining an attacking position and from another scrum picked up and drove, recycling for Colin Murray to pick up and drive on the blind side to touch down, but too wide for the goal kicker.

The visitors restarted with the home side fielding and kicking upfield before gaining a penalty which was tapped and run before the ball was allowed to go loose. Kinross infringed and Chris Rankin added to the score.

FPs fielded the restart and drove strongly upfield into the 22 but could not finish off as half-time was called.

Kinross restarted with Carnoustie fielding and Johnny Christie and Stewart Millar making good ground, but the ball were lost and successive penalties conceded, the second of which gave the visitors their first points.

The restart kick was judged to be perfection with FPs fielding on the 10-metre line, sending the ball wide and then driving before being penalised for offside.

Kinross tapped and went wide before kicking down the line deep into the home 22, where they won the line-out and drove. Carnoustie stood strong and stopped the drive but were penalised.

The visiting side again drove but when stopped gained a penalty with the home side given a sin binning for repeated offending.

The subsequent penalty was surprisingly kicked, reducing the deficit to two points.

The restart was fielded by Kinross and the subsequent drive stopped.

FPs slowly worked their way into the game, stopping Kinross when they went wide and forcing a knock-on. Again they stopped the visitors’ forward movement and turned the ball over.

Carnoustie then made a clean line-break but failed to hold on to the ball, allowing Kinross to hack the ball upfield and follow-up fast to again kick-on, causing the home side to hold on to the ball on the ground.

The penalty, in good position, was kicked wide of the posts.

This was virtually Kinross’s last throw of the dice, with the FPs’ players’ fitness telling.

The drop-out was long with the visitors fielding and breaking but being quickly cut down.

Carnoustie then set up several drives but when a penalty was gained the kick was wide.

FPs fielded the drop-out and set up drives to comfortably see out the game in the visitors’ half.

This was a tense, tight game throughout, with Carnoustie on top in the set pieces and holding their own in the rucks but their opponents were more dangerous in the tight drives.

The forwards played well whilst the backs supported well and were strong in defence.

Team: Dissel, Hall, Murray, Millar, Fraser, Esposito, J. Christie, Macdonald, Langlands, Rankin, Coffield, Beatty, Nicholson, Bowles, Patullo, Morrison, P. Christie and Jeffrey.


Carnoustie are away to Madras tomorrow (Saturday) with a 2 p.m. kick-off.

Scottish Hydro Caledonia League Two (Midlands)

P W L D F A BP Pts

Madras 10 10 0 0 432 131 8 48

Carnoustie HSFP 10 7 3 0 168 185 2 30

Fife Southern 9 5 4 0 275 115 9 29

Alloa 10 6 4 0 289 168 5 29

Kinross 10 4 6 0 156 238 4 20

Blairgowrie 8 3 5 0 197 169 5 17

Arbroath 9 1 8 0 89 332 3 7

Crieff & Strathearn 8 1 7 0 47 315 0 4