Freezing anglers catch frozen fish!

Kingennie Fisheries

THE COLD weather over the last couple of weeks at Forbes of Kingennie has resulted in frozen ponds but with lots of hard work with the boat staff have managed to keep the Boathouse, Burnside and Woodside open and fishable.

There have not been many anglers out fishing but those that managed to brave the cold were rewarded with some good bags of fish.

The Boathouse has stayed completely clear of ice with the water staying very clear.

The best method has been to fish slow and deep with lures on an intermediate line. The top flies have been big lures such as the hummungus, bunny leach and dancers. The colour doesn’t seem to be as important as the right depth.

Blobs and bloodworms fished under the indicator have also scored well.

The top bags have been M. Ogilvie, three for 21lb; H. Whiteford, two for 15lb; and N. Graham, two for 12lb.

The Burnside has had some ice build-up but there are several open areas to fish from. The top methods have been to go deep with lures such as black and green fritz’s, yellow dancer and bloodworms being the most successful patterns.

The top bags have been M. Shaw, 12 returned; D. Barr, four for 6lb, five returned; and S. Neville, four for 6lb, four returned.

The Woodside continues to fish well with most anglers preferring to fish orange power bait on a leger. This has proven to be deadly with nearly all anglers catching fish.

Carlogie Dam

THE WEATHER took its toll on our other fishery last week.

Alan Sturrock at Carlogie Dam said: “Due to the dam being frozen at Carlogie there have been no fishers.”