Full card, but ‘Shire only win one

ALTHOUGH Forfarshire managed to complete four games over the weekend, they only managed to come away with one win when they defeated Dundee High School FPs on Friday.

The Under-15 Scottish Cup finals day has been rearranged for Sunday, August 19, at Shawholm, Poloc Cricket Club.

Results: Wednesday, August 1, under-15s v Strathmore under-15s and Monday, August 6, under-18s v Aberdeenshire under-18s, both cancelled.

Cricket Scotland League East

Forfarshire v DHSFP

Played at Forthill on Friday.


Team: C. Wallace, S. Galloway, G. Garden, M. Parker, D. Fearn, S. Hill, J. Hogarth, L. Garden, L. Tosh, D. Petrie, G. Martin.

Total 5 wickets 20 overs 180


Total 4 wickets 150

Result: Forfarshire won by 30 runs.

Cricket Scotland League East

Played at Forthill on Saturday.

Forfarshire v Arbroath



J.C. Plomer c Parker b Quinn 7

H.E. Vithana c Ford b Galloway 107

F.W.G. Burnett b Parker 0

M.J. Clark c Wallace b Quinn 2

G.E. Peal c Wallace b Ford 17

C.G. Burnett lbw Black 5

M.J. Petrie c Garden b Black 2

B.J. McGill c Parker b Sweeney 42

D. Spink st Wallace b Galloway 8

G.J. Reisima c Ford b Galloway 1

M.R. Hurst no 0

Extras 32

Total 10 wickets, 50 overs 223


B.J. McGill 10 4 26 5

M.R. Hurst 3 0 24 1

C.G. Burnett 7 0 22 0

H.E. Vithana 6 2 15 3

G.E. Peal 3 1 4 0

G.J. Reisima 1 1 0 1


B. Ford c Clark b McGill 15

G. Garden b Hurst 4

M. Parker b McGill 15

C. Wallace c Petrie b McGill 5

S. Galloway c Petrie b Vithana 13

J. Ahmed c Clark b McGill 2

D. Fearn b McGill 7

G. Martin b Vithana 3

G. Black b Vithana 13

D. Sweeney no 1

G. Quinn c Petrie b Reisima 1

Extras 14

Total 10 wickets, 30 overs 93


M. Parker 10 2 44 1

G. Quinn 10 3 29 2

B. Ford 5 0 18 1

D. Sweeney 3 0 24 1

J. Ahmed 9 0 35 0

G. Black 8 1 45 2

G. Garden 2 0 11 0

S. Galloway 3 0 14 3

Result: Forfarshire lost by 130 runs.

Clubsport Strathmore and Perthshire Union Premier Division

Arbroath United v Forthill

Played at Lochlands on Saturday.



Team: D. Petrie, J. Hogarth, A. Cameron, A. Hill, L. Garden, R. Johnston, G. Carneggie, Clark McConnachie, Craig McConnachie, L. Tosh, S. Hill.

Total 8 wickets, 45 overs 177

Arbroath United

Total 1 wickets, 178

Result: Forthill lost by 9 wickets.

Clubsport Strathmore and Perthshire Union Division One

Kinloch v Forthill 2nd XI

Played at St Andrews University on Sunday.


Total 10 wickets 81

Forthill 2nd XI

Team: D. Sim, Clark McConnachie, Craig McConnachie, M. Sargeant, C. Welsh, A. Cameron, G. Carnegie, J. Hogarth, R. Johnston, R. Lloyd, F. Ross.

Total 10 wickets 80

Result: Forthill 2nd XI lost by one run. Fixtures

Tomorrow (Saturday): Cricket Scotland League East, Forfarshire v Grange, 12 noon; S&PU Premier Division, Huntly v Forthill, Castle Park 1 p.m. S&PU Division One, Coupar Angus v Forthill 2nd XI, Larghan Park 1 p.m.

Sunday: S&PU Premier Division, Forthill v Caley Academy, 1 p.m.

Monday: MCC v Regional Academy Forthill 11 a.m.

Ferry Forfs: today (Friday), under-11s, Alan Hill Memorial Tournament, 6.30 p.m.; under-13s v Largo under-13s, 6.30 p.m.; Tuesday, Brechin Buccaneers under-13s v under-13s, Guthrie Park, 6.30 p.m.