Glens too strong for FPs

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Carnoustie 15, Glenrothes 40

CARNOUSTIE continued their quest for points against the current joint league leaders Glenrothes, an unknown quantity having been relegated to the RBS Caledonia League Division Two Midlands at the end of last season.

Glenrothes kicked off with FPs fielding cleanly and driving forward, only to turn the ball over to the visitors who chipped ahead, but the ball ran over the goal line and was touched down. The drop out was short and fielded by Carnoustie who played the ball down the blind side with IAN COOK breaking clear and winning the race to the line to touch down, but with no conversion added.

FPs fielded the restart and kicked upfield allowing Glenrothes to field and return the ball to touch. The visitors then won the line-out, setting up a drive, recycling quickly and with quick hands put the winger in at the corner. Their conversion also failed. Carnoustie kicked off with Glenrothes fielding and kicking.

From the line-out the home side kicked with Glens knocking on, and although Carnoustie won the scrum they kicked out on the full. FPs then gained two successive penalties, but the second kick to the posts was wide. The Glenrothes drop out was short and they regained the ball sending it out wide and then driving, but Carnoustie turned the ball over and cleared to the twenty two line.

The visitors regained the ball and again drove before playing the ball wide and when stopped driving again, but Carnoustie were tenacious and turned the ball over and cleared. Glenrothes kept up the pressure in the home twenty two, ultimately forcing the homesters to concede a penalty which was converted.

From the restart Carnoustie gained a penalty, found touch, but the ball was knocked on, and again FPs won the scrum and drove, but turned the ball over although they made amends by forcing a knock on close to the visitors line. From the scrum Glens conceded a penalty which Carnoustie tapped and ran wide with CRAIG ADDISON touching down but again with no conversion added.

Glenrothes’ reply was immediate with the restart kick again being short allowing the visitors to gain possession and with good hands the winger again went over in the corner, but as before with no conversion added.

FPs restarted with the visitors fielding and going wide and with the Carnoustie defence conceding a penalty, but again the kick was wide of the posts. From the drop out Glens fielded and kicked, but this time the ball ran dead. The home side lost the scrum, with Glenrothes again kicking, but it was long and the defence touched down. From the drop out the visitors knocked on and again Carnoustie lost the scrum, allowing the visitors to drive, but stubborn defence forced a turnover and the ball was cleared allowing the referee to bring the first half to an end.

Half time: Carnoustie 10, Glenrothes 13.

Carnoustie restarted and Glenrothes fielded and found touch, and won the line-out and with FPs penalised for offside, they went further ahead when the kick found the posts. Glens raised the pace of the game and stretched their lead, fielding the ball and going wide and when stopped they recycled, bringing the ball infield to score and convert and from the restart they again fielded and sent the ball wide with the left winger running strongly up the touch line to touch down.

They kept up the pressure and the restart was again run into the same part of the field, but this time the runner kicked ahead and chased his kick to touch down. Neither of these tries were converted.

The visitors ran the restart, but Carnoustie forced a knock on and from the scrum ran the ball before clearing. FPs then gained a penalty and found touch, won the line-out and drove, before kicking to touch. Glenrothes won the line-out and cleared only for Carnoustie to knock on and although they won the scrum and drove, the ball was turned over and sent wide for the winger to beat the defence and run round the posts, allowing the conversation to be added.

The home side restarted with Glens fielding and going wide, but they were stopped and the ball turned over, allowing Carnoustie to drive before being driven into touch. FPs won the line-out and set up a series of drives before IAN REID found space to reach out and touch down, but again the conversion failed.

The visitors restarted with Carnoustie fielding and driving before clearing. The game then petered out, with both teams tiring, and although mistakes were plentiful, neither line was threatened.

The homesters were under the cosh, but didn’t let their heads go down as they illustrated by scoring the last try of the game.

Team: L. Thoms, J. Donnachie, C. Addison, I. Cook, A. Shepherd, N. Swanson, C. Rankin, T. Hall, N. Bowles, C. Murray, E. Fraser, S. Millar, J. Christie, D. Lawton, O. Hughes, G. Dissel, M. Cowan, I. Reid, E. Downie and A. Finn.


P W D L B Pts

Harris Academy 4 4 0 0 3 19

Glenrothes 4 4 0 0 3 19

Grangemouth RFC 4 3 0 1 3 15

Stirling Uni. RFC 4 2 0 2 2 10

Panmure 4 2 0 2 2 10

Madras Rugby 4 2 0 2 1 9

Alloa 4 2 0 2 1 9

Kinross 4 1 0 3 1 5

Carnoustie HSFP 4 0 0 4 2 2

Fife Southern 4 0 0 4 0 0