Good away win for FPs

Owen hughes outjumps his opponent in the lineout.
Owen hughes outjumps his opponent in the lineout.

Blairgowrie RFC 15,

Carnoustie HSFP 18

Carnoustie High School FPs made the trip to Blairgowrie on Saturday, continuing their quest for league points following a win over Glenrothes.

The visitors kicked off with the home side knocking on, but Carnoustie failed to use the ball and conceded two penalties, the second of which Blairgowrie converted.

The restart was again knocked on, but FPs retrieved the ball, breaking the first line of defence and gaining a penalty. They tapped and ran the ball, but were caught in possession. From a scrum Blair’ knocked on and Carnoustie won a clean scrum ball and found KEVIN FRANCO in space allowing him to push off the defender and touch down.

In their next attack, the Angus men went through the hands before kicking and Blairgowrie fielded and found touch and from the lineout gained a penalty, but failed to find touch. Carnoustie fielded and ran the ball back to the home 22 where they took good scrum ball. Kevin Franco took on the defence before passing inside to JOHNNY CHRISTIE who found space to touch down with NIALL SWANSON converting.

On the restart Blairgowrie won the scrum and drove forward. A ruck formed and the ball shot out on the Carnoustie side allowing an alert Blairgowrie forward to gather and touch down with the conversion added.

FPs attempted to alter their attacking mode with a neat chip over, but the ball ran to touch.

Half-time: Blairgowrie RFC 10, Carnoustie HSFP 12.

The homesters restarted and FPs knocked on. Blair’ ran the ball from the scrum but were caught in possession and the ball was turned over.

Carnoustie gathered and set up a series of drives then took a scrum against the head and drove, recycling and going through the hands, gaining a penalty which EUAN FRASER converted.

The restart was again knocked on and a penalty conceded. Blairgowrie found touch and kicked from the lineout with the ball again being dropped. From the scrum they drove strongly, gained a penalty, which was tapped, but then knocked on and then they made amends by taking the scrum against the head and driving strongly to touch down out wide and with no conversion.

In an effort to the posts, EUAN FRASER gave Carnoustie the lead. The home players pressed forward, driving to the line, recycling again and again, but the defence stood firm, holding up the ball carrier over the line and then taking the scrum against the head, with an exasperated Blairgowrie pack conceding a penalty which Carnoustie pushed into touch to the sound of the final whistle.

Team: Shepherd, Downie, J. Christie, Reid, K. Franco, Swanson, A. Franco, Campbell, Murray, Stewart, Rankin, P. Christie, Fraser, Addison, Hughes and Bowles.

Tomorrow’s match

Tomorrow (Saturday), Carnoustie are at home to Kirkcaldy 2nd X. This will be with a 2 p.m. kick-off.

RBS Caledonia League

Division Three Midlands


Howe 2nd XV 8 8 0 0 8 0 40

Carn HSFP 8 7 1 0 7 0 35

C and S 7 5 2 0 5 1 26

Blair’ RFC 8 4 4 0 4 2 22

Fife So’ 8 3 5 0 3 2 17

Kirk’ 2nd XV 7 3 4 0 3 1 16

Grange’ 2nd XV 8 3 5 0 2 0 14

Bannockburn 7 3 4 0 1 0 13

Waid Acad FP 7 2 5 0 3 0 11

Glen’ 2nd XV 8 0 8 0 1 0 1