Good away win for FPs in Bowl Tournament

Panmure 17, Carnoustie HSFP 27

CARNOUSTIE visited near neighbours Panmure on Saturday in the first round of the Caledonia Regional Bowl Tournament.

A close game was anticipated as Panmure are top of Division Three with full points and although Carnoustie are in Division Two they are pointless. The pitch was in good condition and overhead conditions good.

The visitors kicked off with Tom Hall claiming the kick but in moving the ball it was lost. Panmure won the scrum but were forced into touch. FPs set up a series of drives before Ally Macdonald broke the last line of defence to score under the posts with Gavin Dissel converting.

Panmure restarted but strayed offside. The visitors failed to find touch with the penalty which the home team ran back before setting up a drive which ended in touch. Carnoustie lost the line-out with Panmure driving and kicking ahead to force FPs to carry the ball over the goal line.

At the five-metre scrum the homesters gave away a free kick but Carnoustie failed to find touch allowing Panmure to run the ball back and touchdown in the corner but too far out for the conversion.

The visitors re-started with Panmure fielding, gaining a penalty and securing a long touch. From the line out FPs strayed offside and the homesters again made touch. Carnoustie won the line-out against the throw and gained a penalty. The homesters won the line-out and drove before putting the ball though the hands but were pulled up for a forward pass.

The visitors won the scrum and then a line out, kicking ahead causing Panmure to knock on. FPs drove from the scrum and gained a penalty which was tapped and a series of drives set up which ended in Glen Feighan touching down and Gavin Dissel adding the full points.

Carnoustie let the restart kick bounce and the home players took advantage to make ground before FPs retrieved the ball and set up two drives and gained a penalty for a high tackle. Touch was found and the line-out won and again drives were set up before a further penalty was gained and converted by Gavin Dissel.

The restart was taken by Tom Hall and driven but a penalty lost. The home players tapped and drove, won scrum ball and drove again to gain a penalty for offside but the kick to the posts was missed. From the dropout, FPs knocked on, Panmure won the scrum, drove, gained a penalty opted for a scrum to put the ball out to the backs allowing the stand-off to dummy his way over the line with full points added. The restart failed to carry 10 meters but from the scrum the homesters were pulled up for a forward pass to bring the half to an end.

Panmure restarted but failed to kick the requisite 10 meters. FPs kicked ahead from the scrum with home players knocking on. From the scrum Carnoustie drove, tapped a penalty drove again but then turned the ball over allowing the home side to kick clear but touch was not found and the visitors ran the ball back.

They then won scrum ball and then gained field position when the homesters kicked out on the full but the line throw was squint. Panmure won the scrum and broke down the right wing for almost a length of the pitch try in the corner to bring the scores level, but failed to take the lead by missing the conversion.

The visitors were stung into action following up the restart quickly to stop the catcher getting the ball away and gaining a penalty but missing the posts. The drop-out was fielded and ran back allowing a series of drives to be set up before Glen Feighan breached the defence to touch down with Gavin Dissel converting.

The restart was fielded by Carnoustie and driven with a penalty gained and again driven but this time knocked on. FPs set up drives and when a penalty was awarded Kyle Burwood converted. Tom Hall fielded the restart but was forced into touch, the line throw was squint but from the scrum Craig Anderson secured the loose ball. The remainder of the game was played mainly in midfield with little activity in the scoring zones although Carnoustie missed a penalty.

This was a tight game but somewhat spoiled when Panmure could not provide a replacement prop, forcing the official to order uncontested scrums. This was to Carnoustie’s disadvantage as they had the upper hand at the scrums. However, their pack played well and especially in the second half, the young backs gained in confidence.

Team: Anderson, Bowles, Reid, Burwood, Coffield, Shepherd, Jeffrey, Hall, Murray, Feighan, Dissel, Dawson, Cowan, A. Macdonald, Christie, Findlay, Morton, M. McDonald, Fraser, Downie and Cook.

Tomorrow (Saturday) the Carnoustie First XV is at home to Blairgowrie with a 3 p.m. kick-off.