Good catches at Kingennie

AFTER recent snowmelt and heavy rain, the level of the ponds at Kingennie are now back to normal and water clarity has returned.

Powerbait fished on the bottom has again proved to be the top bait on the Woodside Pond (any legal method). Mr Brown and his son had a combined catch of eight rainbow trout weighing a total of 16lbs.

The Bankside has probably been the most consistent of the ponds with nymphs and orange blobs taking the majority of the fish. Brian Williamson had an excellent brownie of 5lbs on a diawl bach. A rainbow of 4.25lbs was taken by nine-year-old Logan Cumming on a sparkly damsel which had been tied at the Kingennie fly fishing evening class only a couple of days before.

Fish in the Burnside Pond seem to be reasonably well spread out. Most are being caught deep down. Mr West had eight fish in two hours on a black and green fritz.

Water clarity is excellent on the Boathouse, with black and green lures taking the majority of the fish.

Carlogie Dam

AT CARLOGIE Dam, Gordon Skelton, Arbroath, caught two and kept one weighing 2lbs on lures; B. Crossey, Carnoustie, caught and kept two weighing 4lbs 8ozs on buzzers; P. Wyeth, Carnoustie, caught and kept two weighing 4lbs 4ozs on buzzers.

On catch and release were Frank Farrier, Arbroath, 20 plus on lures; Les Gall, Dundee, 20 on lures; Bruce Thomson, Arbroath, 20 plus on buzzers; Ally Stewart, Dundee, 12 on lures; Dave Roy, Barnhill, 12 on lures; Chris Cooper, Dundee, 10 on buzzers; and John Orr, Carnoustie, two on lures.