Good catches at local fisheries


Carlogie Dam

AT CARLOGIE Dam Fishings last week, S. Green, Dundee, caught four and kept three weighing 8lbs 2ozs on a cats whisker.

Other catches included the following: S. Horan, Dundee, caught six and kept two weighing 5lbs on a cats whisker; G. Anderson, Dundee, caught four and kept two weighing 4lbs 8ozs on a yellow dancer; J. Ewing, Aberdeen, caught 19 and kept five weighing 13lbs 8ozs on a WSW; W. Senior, Aberdeen, caught six and kept three weighing 9lbs 8ozs on a WSW.

Davy Wood, Aberdeen, caught 13 and kept five weighing 13lbs 4ozs on a WSW; D. Cook, Dundee, caught five and kept three weighing 7lbs on a bloodworm; G. Skelton, Arbroath, caught and kept two weighing 4lbs 8ozs on a bloodworm; Jim Tait, Forfar, caught 15 and kept five weighing 13lbs on lures; R. Ferguson, Forfar, caught 12 and kept two weighing 5lbs on lures.

On catch and release were S. McDonald, Newburgh, 20 plus on a lime okdoky; D. Simpson, Forfar, 20 plus on lures; Les Gall, Dundee, 15 on lures; Ally Stewart, Dundee, 16 on lures; W. Scott, Dundee, 20 plus on blobs; D. Mooney, Dundee, 20 plus on blobs; and F. Ferrier, Arbroath, 20 plus on lures.

Kingennie Fishing

THE FISHING at Forbes of Kingennie has been on great form even with the really cold north and east winds. It has been cold but the fish don’t seem to notice with some great bags coming off all the ponds. The osprey has been back regularly, usually turning up twice a day but he’s not staying for long as his fishing skills have definitely improved.

The Boathouse has been productive with some big bags of fish coming out, the best of which fell to Mr N. Prior with four fish for 28lbs, the best weighing in at 9lbs 9ozs all taken on damsel nymphs. Most flies have taken their share of fish but small damsels have been the best. However, a long leader is advised with the water being so clear.

The Burnside has had a slight tinge of colour but there is about four to five feet of visibility now and the fishing has been fantastic with fish taking almost anything. Smaller lures have been best but buzzers and nymphs are consistent. Mr Thompson and Mr McCabe had a great session on Saturday taking four fish for 8lbs and returning another 29 in just four hours. Most fell to a small yellow dancer.

The Bankside has been the most exposed with the strong cold winds but those who braved the weather were rewarded with some great fishing. First time fly angler Mr Mills went down on Saturday morning and had two fish for 7lbs in under an hour. The water in the Bankside is very clear at the moment and smaller flies are definitely the way to go.

The Woodside again has been very good with most fish falling to worms or powerbait. The best fish this week was caught by Mr Martin with a 3lbs 4ozs rainbow taken on green powerbait.