Good catches recorded


TONY Fenemore, fishing with friends at Carlogie Dam, averaged 5lbs per fish. He caught and kept four weighing 20lb 12oz on a diawl bach and a tecno cat, his best fish a fully finned rainbow weighing 12lb 8oz.

George Smith, from Brechin, caught and kept four weighing 10lbs on lures, Jim Tait, Forfar, caught six, returned four and kept two weighing 5lbs on lures, Tam Barr, from Dundee, caught four, returned two and kept two weighing 3lbs 8oz on buzzers. He returned a brownie weighing 6lbs.

The Prates Angling Club outing visited on Saturday. The returns were: C. Ballantyne, caught seven, returned three and kept four weighing 8lbs 8oz, S. Page caught 15, returned 11 and kept four weighing 13lbs 4oz, R. Ballantyne caught and kept four weighing 8lbs, K. Brown caught and kept four weighing 8lbs, A. Ballantyne caught and kept four weighing 10lbs 8oz, S. Duff caught and kept four weighing 11lb 8oz.

The total catch for the Pirates was 28 fish weighing 67lbs 12oz.

On catch and release were: D Linton nine on lures; Derek from Dundee a brownie weighing 10lbs 6oz; John Gilbert, Carnoustie, nine on dries; Andy O’Rourke, from Dundee, eight on dries; Colin Cameron, from Dundee, nine on buzzers; Ally Stewart, Dundee, seven on lures; Fraser Robertson, from Forfar, 14 on yellow blobs; A. Hunt, Dundee, eight on lures; Dave Thoms, Carnoustie, seven on a shipmans; Larry Morrison, from Kirriemuir, seven on buzzers; Les Gall, Dundee, six on lures; John McKay, Dundee, six on buzzers; Steve McDonald, from Newburgh, six on buzzers.


IT REALLY feels as if autumn is starting set in at Forbes of Kingennie and the cooler weather has made all the difference with all the ponds starting to fish really well.

The Boathouse has remained very clear with fish visibly following flies then turning away. Floating lines and lures are still the most popular method, small nymphs are still taking their fair share of fish also. The average size continues to be just over 5lbs with the best fish this week taken by Mr Peterson with a rainbow of 8lbs 12oz on a mini hothead damsel.

The fish in the Bankside are really showing signs of switching onto the fry now with numbers of fish on the north bank and the dam wall to be seen crashing into fry shoals. The water is as clear as it has been all year making presentation very important when fishing small flies. Lures have taken most of the fish this week with a cats whiskers being the most successful pattern but most flies have been taking fish. Mr Gordon braved the high winds for three hours on Monday morning resulting in 12 fish with the best a 4lb rainbow.

The Woodside has been very well with most anglers catching there limits the best method continues to be powerbait but with the cooler weather the float is catching well as well as spinners. There are still some bigger fish being caught with the best fish over the weekend being a 3lb 11oz rainbow caught by Mr Walton in his bag of four fish for 9lbs.

The Burnside has been fishing very well with most methods catching fish. lures such as the hothead damsel and bleeding cat taking lots of fish as well as nymphs and dries. The water is still very clear and this has helped the fishing now that the water is cooling. The best fish taken this week was a 4lbs 9oz rainbow taken by Mr Heenan. One lodge guest Mr Parsons had a very productive session taking 15 fish on a UV cat all in the space of a couple of hours.