Good catches recorded

Small buzzers, nymphs, diawl bach and dry flies are still taking most of the fish being caught at Carlogie Dam.

The evening rise is excellent with various dry flies working.

Recent catches include: George Anderson, Dundee, C/R four; Scott Watson, Muirdrum, C/R six; Colin Cameron, Dundee, C/R 11; A. Strachan, Dundee, C/R three; J. Duthie, Arbroath, C/R three; George Woods, Montrose, C/R, 20; Ian Chaplain, Carnoustie, C/R six; S. Cargill, Dundee, C/R four; Tony Fenemore, Dundee, C/R seven; Ross Thain, Arbroath, C/R four; Gary Fleming, Arbroath, C/R two; Frank Ferrier, Arbroath C/R four; Gordon Skelton, Arbroath C/R seven; Dave Thoms, Carnoustie, C/R seven; Danny Fowlis, Dundee, C/R two; Dave Moodie, Carnoustie, C/R 10; Ally Stewart, Dundee, C/R 10; Steve McDonald, Newburgh, C/R seven; Les Gall, Dundee C/R three; Dave Roy, Barnhill, C/R four.

Catch and kill include Les Young, Broughty Ferry, two for 5lbs 8oz; Raymond Fergusson, Forfar, two for 6lbs; Mr McVicar, Dundee, two for 4lbs 8oz, Jim Donnachie, Dundee, two for 4lbs 12oz.


The recent spell of excellent weather has resulted in increased angler numbers at Kingennie Resort. Fishing on the Boathouse Pool has been somewhat moody but fish have been taken with an average weight of 4lbs. Lures and buzzers have accounted for most catches.

Burnside Pool is now really beginning to show its true value with much more regularity in the evening rises and numbers of fish being caught. Buzzers, dries and lures have all had success. In latest heat of the Kingennie Bank Championship, Bruce Martin won with 14 fish (catch and release) on a Sparkly Damsel. Overall on Saturday 62 fish were landed. Highlight of the week was Ian Barlow’s superb 6lbs+ rainbow which fell for a buzzer; the fish was released to grow even bigger. The Bankside Pool is still showing plenty of surface activity but most fish have proved to be elusive. However, on one session George Birse and young Robert shared 13 fish taken on a Floating Fry pattern. There are large numbers of pin sized fry in the pond and these will certainly attract the attention of the rainbows.

Water levels are somewhat low on the Woodside Pool but some excellent catches have been recorded. Various colours of powerbait were again by far the most successful bait.