Good catches round the local ponds

Carlogie Dam

CATCH and kill anglers at Carlogie Dam Fishings include Jock Ewing, Aberdeen, four for 12lbs; Davy Wood, Aberdeen; Walter Senior, Aberdeen, four for 13.5lbs; Mr McCluskey, Dundee, two for 4lbs; J. Nesmith, Dundee, three for 5.5lbs; J. Donachie, Dundee, three for 17lbs, the largest weighing in at 8lbs; D. McDonald, Carnoustie, two for 6 1/2lb the larger weighing in at 4 1/2lb, Raymond Ferguson, Forfar, 2 for 5 1/2lb, Jim Tait, Forfar, 4 for 11 1/2lb, Steve Glover, Dundee, 2 for 7lbs; Ally Shaw, Carnoustie, two for 10lbs 2ozs, the larger weighing in at 5lbs; George Smith, Forfar, three for 7lbs; and Keith Richardi, Dundee, four for 8lbs.

Catch and release include B. Reilly, Forfar, seven; F. Jaffray, Carnoustie, eight; Dave Thoms, Carnoustie, 11; John Gilbert, Carnoustie, eight; Ally Stewart, Dundee, five; Colin Cameron, Dundee, 16; Fred Longmuir, Arboath, five; Clark Williamson, Forfar, five; Gary Coyle, Montrose, six; Shug Cassiday, Dundee, four; Jim Marnie, Dundee, five; Tony Fenemore, Dundee, 17; N. Boath, Tayport, seven; Keith Prior, Barry, eight; Ian Duncan, Forfar, six; Steve Duncan, Forfar, 15; and Steve McDonald, Newburgh, eight.

Kingennie fishing

THE CHANGEABILITY of the weather has again dictated results at Kingennie but when conditions have been favourable there have been some excellent returns.

Large numbers of fish have been seen cruising just below the surface but with natural food abounding in the water it has often been difficult to tempt them and somewhat frustrating to watch them continuously avoid the anglers’ flies.

It has been even more frustrating, but awesome to see the visiting osprey catch a trout within a few minutes of arriving at the complex!

Most anglers visiting the Boathouse Pool have achieved their bag limits but the really big fish have proved elusive. Hot Head Damsels, small lures and even small dry flies have all produced results, with fish averaging around 4.5lbs.

Huge numbers of fish have been evident on the Burnside Pool with morning sessions proving more productive. Again a variety of small lures, dries and buzzers, have all had their moments. Young Robert returned 18 fish on catch and release.

The Bankside Pool has been somewhat moody but when anglers have found the right fly then good catches have been taken. Diawl Bachs and Daddy Longlegs have been amongst the more successful patterns with fish averaging around 2.5lbs.

Some substantially bigger have been sighted on several occasions, with a couple managing to escape after having been briefly hooked.

Woodside Pool has produced some excellent returns with a good number of fish in excess of 2lbs. The best return from all anglers for a single day was 36 fish weighing in at 65.75lbs. Powerbait (lime green or orange), spinners, maggots and worms have all taken fish.


Change of date

The date for the annual general meeting of Carnoustie Panmure Junior Football Club has been changed.

It will now take place at 12 noon on Sunday, September 2 at Laing Park.