Good returns reported at local fisheries

THOSE fishing at Carlogie Dam Fishings this week included Jim Tait, from Forfar, who caught 17, returned 12 and kept five weighing 12lbs on buzzers.

C Wiseman, Aberdeen, caught six, returned four and kept two weighing 5lbs on nymphs. N. Fairgrieve, from Forfar, caught four returned two and kept two weighing 4lb 8oz on buzzers. Larry Morrison, Kirriemuir, caught seven, returned five and kept two weighing 4lb 8oz on dries and buzzers.

McAulie Clark, from Forfar, caught nine, returned four and kept five weighing 9lb 8ozs on a yellow dancer. Joe Westland, Montrose, caught seven, returned four and kept three weighing 6lbs on buzzers. G. Skelton, from Arbroath, caught eight, returned five and kept three weighing 6lb 4ozs on buzzers.

Mr Whitcross, Broughty Ferry, caught and kept two weighing 5lbs on buzzers. Mr Langlands, from Broughty Ferry, caught and kept two weighing 6lb on buzzers. Stephen Craik, Arbroath, caught six, returned three and kept three weighing 7lb on buzzers. Ian Duncan, from Forfar, caught and kept two weighing 4lb 4ozs on blobs. R. Winter, also Forfar, caught three, returned one and kept two weighing 4lbs 4ozs on blobs.

On catch and release were Dave Simpson who C & R 20+ on blobs, Mr Clark, Forfar, C & R 20+ on blobs, Dave Mahoney, Dundee, C & R 15 on buzzers, S. Falconer C & R 20+ on buzzers, Colin Cameron, Broughty Ferry, C & R 20+ on dries and buzzers.


FORBES of Kingennie has been fishing well over the past week with all ponds taking good numbers of fish.

The cooler weather and flush of fresh water has made the fishing easier. The bankside is at last getting back on form with most anglers coming off with there fish.

Most methods have been taking fish, but buzzers and dries are the top method with small black and olive buzzers and cdcs being the favoured patterns. Black and red lures and white humungous have taken lots of fish also.

The top catches this week have been L. Smart four for 10lbs, nine returned, D. Cox two for 5lbs, 11 returned, and D. Smith 10 returned.

The Boathouse has been fishing well but it has been hard work with the need to go down in fly size and line weight to get the results. The top method has been nymphs such as crunchers and small lures such as Montana’s and damsels.

The top bags this week have been I. Meldrum four for 22lbs, one at 8lbs, T. Morgan two for 12lbs, one at 7.5lb.

The Woodside has been producing lots and lots of fish to a number of methods but the worm still seems to be the most popular. Power bait and sweet corn have still been taking there fair share of the fish.

The top bags have been N. Brown six for 9lbs, D. Whiteford four for 6lbs, the Drury Lodge Club took 36 fish for 64lbs.

The Burnside has been fishing very consistently with very good numbers of fish coming out. They are being caught on most methods with buzzers (olive) and nymphs (crunchers) being the best option. Lures are still taking plenty of fish but smaller flies seem to be more effective.

Damsels, mini yellow dancers and cormorants have been the top lures.

One of the brig browns was caught and released through the week with a weight estimated at 10/12lbs.

The top bags this week have been R. Watson four for 6lbs, 10 returned, D. Bett two for 4lbs, eight returned, C. Donaldson 11 returned.