Good sport at Kingennie

THE END of the year finished very well at Forbes of Kingennie with the Hogmanay competition bringing the year to an end.

The Boathouse and Burnside ponds held competitions and with a good turnout at both, the competition was set to be fierce.

On the Boathouse the prize for biggest bag went to Bruce Martin. He managed to scrape victory over regular big fish catcher Boab Miller. Bruce’s bag weighed 21lbs 7ozs and he was beaten to the big fish prize by only a few ounces by Boab Miller who landed a cracker of a rainbow weighing 8lbs 3ozs.

On the Burnside pond the prizes were taken by George Birse who managed the biggest fish and the biggest bag.

Most of the fish taken on Boathouse were on lures teamed with intermediate lines, on the Burnside it was a real mix of flies and lines that took fish but mostly floaters teamed with lures.

The Bankside is also fishing very well at the moment. The fish have been chasing around the bays hammering into fry. Any kind of lure or fry patterns are working well when teamed with floating line or midge tip.

The bait pond has seen fish keen to hit spinners, very small mepps or very small toby style lures have been taking a lot of fish but they will still gulp down a ball of powerbait if offered at the right depth.