Good sport at Lintrathen Loch

With the water temperature rising, there has been some excellent fishing on Lintrathen Loch.

This has been helped by trickle stocking taking place between the main stockings.

Over the last 12 days more than 1,000 rainbows and some blues have gone in.

Anglers are reporting fish are at all levels in the water and it is just a matter of finding their level on the day. A number of anglers have been out practicing for SANAAC and some have hit the right spots with reports of 10 plus fish per angler being returned!

On days when the fish are deep and DI 3 lines are used with lures on the point, many fish are also being taken on a dark nymph on the top dropper.

When the fish are up, floating lines and dries or nymphs are having good results.

Club results: Perth RASC, four boats, 13 for 27lbs; Kingfisher 20, seven boats, 45 for 97lbs (incl. a rainbow at 4lbs 2ozs); Balbeggie AC, six boats, 29 for 56lbs 7ozs; Monifieth Trout, four boats, 12 for 24lbs; Stanley AC, four boats, 19 for 37lbs 8ozs; Leslie and Glenrothes AC, seven boats, 31 for 75lbs 13ozs (incl. a Blue at 4lbs); Dunkeld and Birnam, four boats, eight for 17lbs; East Kilbride AC, seven boats, 18 for 44lbs 11ozs (incl a rainbow at 4lbs 9ozs); Stirling Aqua AC, six boats, eight for 18lbs 10ozs.

Individual boats: Tom Melville and Jim Galloway, eight fish for 16lbs 12ozs; Messrs Clark and Gray, seven for 14lbs 9ozs; Mr C. Campbell, four for 7lbs 12ozs.