Good sport at Rescobie

THE MIXED weather of late does not appear to have affected the fishing at Rescobie Loch.

Many anglers are reporting success on the dry fly even when there were no fish showing. Sedge imitations seem to be doing particularly well.

Traditional flies and lures such as the Damsel are also doing well.

A. Young (Monifieth) held out to take ‘Gow’s Fish of the Month’ for May with his 8lbs 13oz rainbow and already competition is fierce for June.

J. Myles and D. Milne (Arbroath) both had 5lbs fish, then F. Keith (Dundee) had one at 6lbs 4oz as did J. Malloch (Letham). G. Irvine (Forfar) topped that with one at 6lb 10oz which was trumped by A. Fraser (Brechin) with 6lbs 12oz. J. Mowatt (Forfar) took one at 7lbs which was beaten by S. Morrison (Arbroath) with 7lbs 4oz. He, in turn, was beaten by J. Craig (Brechin) with 7lbs 8oz who was then beaten by B. Cox (Dundee) with 7lbs 12oz.

On the leaderboard at the moment are A. Burnett (Arbroath) and J. Moncur (Invergowrie) who both landed 8lbs 8oz fish.

Some recent bank successes were: F. Keith (Dundee) four for 9lbs 4oz, J. Campbell (Brechin) four for 10lbs 4oz, G. Burnett (Arbroath) four for 12lbs 8oz, K. Stewart (Arbroath) three for 13lbs, D. Watson (Brechin) four for 9lbs, J. Panton (Blair) four for 8lbs 8oz, C. Walls (Monifieth) four for 10lbs 12oz.

From the boats: A. Woodrow (Montrose) four for 8lbs 8oz, K. Mackie (Brechin) four for 10lbs 12oz, P. Fordyce (Forfar) four for 13lbs 8oz, D. Robertson (Brechin) four for 9lbs 4oz, A. Fyall (Arbroath) four for 10lbs 4oz, A. Paterson (Brechin) four for 13lbs, B. Cox (Dundee) four for 20lbs 4oz and A. Wood (Forfar) four for 19lbs 12oz.