Good sport being provided at local fisheries

Carlogie Dam

AMONG anglers at Carlogie Dam this week was Davy Wood, from Aberdeen, who caught nine fish, returned four and kept five weighing 11lb on a WSW.

Also from Aberdeen, Jim McGuire caught seven, returned three and kept four weighing 13.5lbs on a W.S.W., his best a rainbow weighing 7lbs. Mike Black, from Carnoustie, caught six, returned four and kept two weighing 3lbs 8oz on buzzers. Peter Cameron, Kirriemuir, caught seven, returned five and kept two weighing 3lbs 8oz on a diawl bach.

Mike Johnston, from Arbroath, caught five, returned three and kept two weighing 4lbs 2oz on various lures. Tony Fenemore, Broughty Ferry, caught 24, returned 20 and kept four weighing 7lbs 8oz on George’s buzzer. Jim Tait, from Forfar, caught more than 20, returned over 20 and kept five weighing 12lbs on a cormorant.

A McBay, Dundee, caught seven, returned five and kept two weighing 4lbs 8oz on buzzers, Ken Oram, from Dundee caught 12, returned 10 and kept two weighing 4lbs on nymphs. B. Macfarlane, from Arbroath, caught and kept three weighing 9lbs 8oz on buzzers, his best a rainbow weighing 6lb, Craig McPherson, also from Arbroath, caught and kept five on lures weighing 9lbs 12oz.

On catch and release this week were Colin Cameron, from Broughty Ferry, C & R 15 on buzzers, George Woods, Montrose, C & R 20 on buzzers, Ally Stewart, from Dundee, C & R 13 on various lures , Dave Thoms, Carnoustie, C & R 12 on buzzers, Derek Glover, from Dundee, C & R 14 on buzzers, Chris Cooper, Dundee, C & R 20 all on buzzers, David Mahoney, also Dundee, C & R 12 on buzzers and dries, Colin Murray, Carnoustie, C & R nine on buzzers, J Falconer, from Arbroath, C & R six on buzzers, his best a rainbow weighing 5lbs, L. Robertson, Memus, C & R eight on buzzers and dries.


THE FISHING at Kingennie this week has been influenced by changes in the weather, with everything from bright sunshine and calm to thunderstorms and windy.

However, there have been some very good returns with small dry flies beginning to score as fly hatches increase.

Floating lines have proved to be the most popular on Burnside and Bankside, with intermediate lines taking more fish on the specimen Boathouse pond. On Woodside Pond the most successful methods have been powerbait and maggots.

The Boathouse has witnessed a number of fish in excess of 5lbs with the biggest rainbow taken by Mr Darkle weighing in at 9lbs 3oz. The best two fish return was 13lbs for Mr McEwan. Most fish fell to lures with damsel patterns reigning supreme.

During caenis hatches, the water has again been alive with rising fish on the Burnside, although these have not been easy to catch. Shuttlecock CDC, hoppers and CDC hoppers have accounted for good bags of fish. In certain conditions floating fry lures have proved very successful.

On the Bankside, Mr Blaire caught six fish for 10lbs 12oz and Mr Barr took three for 9lbs. Black and green was a favoured colour with small dark dry flies scoring well.

Fishing on the all method pond, Woodside was more unpredictable although some excellent returns were made. Mr Lowe had six fish for 7lbs 12oz and Mr Majic took a bag of six fish for 7lbs 4oz.