Good turnout for Royal Tay Yacht Club Cadet Week

ROYAL Tay Yacht Club’s recent Cadet Week was a hectic occasion with 33 young participants, but an enjoyable time was had by everyone involved.

Unfortunately Mother Nature did her best to upset the week with very gusty conditions on Monday and Tuesday, grey dismal conditions with heavy rain on Wednesday, only slightly better on Thursday but with a screaming ebb tide due to the previous day’s heavy rain, and again grey and dismal on Friday. In fact, the only condition consistant throughout the week was the low temperatures!

However were the cadets put off? Not in the least as they coped admirably in the very variable conditions that would have tested more experienced sailors.

Special thanks go to the 24 adult helpers, many of whom had given up a week of their annual leave, and without whom the week would not have been possible.

Climax to the week was a youth regatta on Saturday, August 13, when good sailing conditions greeted the 19 boats taking part.

In addition to Royal Tay, the other clubs represented were Loch Tummel and St Andrews.

Four races were sailed and the youngsters participating put on a great show for the many mums, dads, grans and grandads spectating.

Meanwhile, the club’s dinghy and squib fleets are now involved in their final series of evening points races for the summer. Early results were as follows:

Dinghy Evening Points Series 3

Race 1 - 1, ‘Seathing’, Kestrel, S. Murdoch; 2, ‘Balls to the Wall’, Fireball, P. Hay; 3, No Name, RS 500, O. Baker; 4, ‘Geronimo’, A-Class Catamaran, S. Menhinick; 5, ‘Club 2’, Laser, B. Hamilton; 6, ‘Carpe Diem’, Kestrel, D. Gavine; 7, ‘Over ‘n’ Out, Laser Radial, P. Brown.

Squib Evening Points Series 3

Race 1 - 1, ‘Riverdance’, Bruce Baird; 2, ‘Zulu’, Bob Wilson; 3, ‘Crystal Tips’, Dave Williams; 4, ‘Wavelength’, Alistair Stewart; 5, ‘Karma’, Dick McBride; 6, ‘Tefnut’, Boyd Baird; 7, ‘Powder Blue’, Alan Massie.

Race 2 - 1, ‘Riverdance’, Bruce Baird; 2, ‘Powder Blue’, Alan Massie; 3, ‘Tefnut’, Boyd Baird; 4, ‘Zulu’, Bob Wilson; 5, ‘Crystal Tips’, Dave Williams; 6, ‘Wavelength’, Alistair Stewart.

Overall placings: 1, ‘Riverdance’, Bruce Baird; 2, ‘Zulu’, Bob Wilson; 3, ‘Crystal Tips’, Dave Williams; 4, ‘Powder Blue’, Alan Massie; 5, ‘Tefnut’, Boyd Baird; 6, ‘Wavelength’, Alistair Stewart; 7, ‘Karma’, Dick McBride.

This year’s winner of the Guthrie Cup race for keel boats was D. McCreadie in his Sonata ‘Fiddlers Three’.

G. Sutherland, in his Sadler 29 ‘Ceathrar’, was second, and R. Bastable, in his Sadler 25 ‘Bewitched’, third.