Great fish at Carlogie Dam

VISITORS to Carlogie Dam included Sandy McAllan, Arbroath, who caught three and kept two weighing 4lbs 12ozs on lures; and N. Spence, Arbroath, caught three and kept two weighing 4lbs 8ozs on lures.

On catch and release, Scott Watson, Muirdrum, in two visits had six fish which included a 9lbs 4ozs rainbow and a cracking 16lbs 4ozs rainbow on lures; Ally Stewart, Dundee, 20 plus on lures; Frank Ferrier, Arbroath, 20 on lures; David Mooney, Dundee, 10 on a bloodworm and lures; S. Simpson, Stonehaven, eight on nymphs; I. Fairgrieve from Dundee C & R 7 on lures, Les Gall from Dundee C & R 6 on lures, Wayne Scott from Dundee C & R 6 on dries, Steve McDonald, Newburgh, five on lures; Bruce Thomson, Arbroath, five on buzzers; Derek Linton, Dundee, 12 on lures; and Andy O’Rourke, Dundee, four on lures.

Difficult time at Kingennie

FISHING at Kingennie has been somewhat challenging with the wind and rain making things fairly difficult.

Strong easterly winds on most days made casting harder than normal. Combine this with intermittent rain to colour water and you have some hard to catch trout.

Anglers who did make their way out on to the water were rewarded with a few nice returns. On the boathouse lochan the water held a tinge of colour most of the week with most of the fish caught falling to lures. The two biggest fish of the week fell to large lures. Mr Thompson, Dundee, had a cracking rainbow of 9lbs caught on a yellow dancer and his fishing partner, Mr McCabe, returned three browns around the 3.5lbs mark.

Brian Williams had a good bag with one of his fish, which fell to an orange bunny leech, just making the biggest of the week at 9.5lbs.

Most of the fish on the boathouse have been around 3.5lbs with the average catch/size rate being 1.8 fish per angler at 4.3lbs average weight.

On the Bankside lochan lures on intermediates has been the most productive method with the top catching lures being yellow dancer, hot

head damsel, bunny leech and the rob roy.

The fish have been sitting in the bays for the last week or so but have now started to spread out around the lochan. Season ticket holder George Birse did well catching 24 fish on his three outings, not bad considering the

conditions. Most rods took their limit with catch and release rods taking on average eight fish for a four hour ticket. On the kill tickets, the average catch/size has been 1.9 fish per angler at 2lbs average weight.

The Burnside lochan held its tinge of colour most of the week and as a result catch returns were affected. As with the other fly ponds, it has been back to lures on intermediates. Polar bears and humongous have both taken fish but the most popular lure this has been the rob roy. Kill ticket catch returns have been 1.8 fish per angler at 1.6lbs average weight. Catch and release tickets have fared slightly better at four fish per angler.

On the Woodside lochan, all the fish have been sitting very deep so anglers have had to fish ledgered baits two to three feet off bottom in order to catch. Powerbait and sweetcorn have been the best of the baits. Small mepps spinners have also taken fish but bait fished near or on bottom has done best. Returns from Woodside are two fish per angler at an everage wight of 1.3lbs.