Great win for High School FPs puts them second

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Carnoustie HSFP 34,

Crieff and Strathearn 27

Carnoustie continued their quest for league points when they welcomed the undefeated Crieff and Strathearn to the High School.

Again the homesters had to make changes from the week before with several veterans pulling on their boots and it looked like luck was against them when John Murphy suffered a head wound in the warm up.

Crieff kicked off with Carnoustie taking the ball cleanly and with good hands passed their way to the visitors 22 only to concede a penalty. Touch was found and the line-out won by Crieff, who elected to kick.

The Angus men fielded and ran the ball back, but knocked on and went off side at the scrum allowing the visitors to find touch, win the line-out and convert a further penalty.

Carnoustie restarted and regained the ball setting up a series of drives which enabled PETE CHRISTIE to cross, but the conversion was missed.

From the restart, FPs knocked on and were penalised at the scrum for feet up which allowed Crieff to retake the lead. From a lineout, the visitors were caught in possession and the ball turned over and Crieff, in trying to get the ball back, knocked on. JOHNNY CHRISTIE picked up the ball at the back of the scrum and ran strongly to touch down with BRUCE LANGLANDS converting.

The visitors restarted by kicking the ball dead. FPs won the scrum and got to the Crieff 22 where they gained a penaly which BRUCE LANGLANDS converted.

The referee put down a scrum on half way after a lineout altercation and Owen Hughes broke clear, passed to DANNY VAN NIEKIRK who touched down under the posts for BRUCE LANGLANDS to convert.

The homesters went further ahead when Crieff were penalised and the ball was tapped and run with CRAIG ADDISON breaking the line to touch down and again BRUCE LANGLANDS converted.

Carnoustie lost concentration at the resart and conceded three consecutive penalties which allowed Crieff to set up a forward drive from the last and touch down with the conversion added.

Half-time: Carnoustie HSFP 29, Crieff and Strathearn 13.

Carnoustie started the second half by finding touch. Crieff won the line-out and the stand off chipped the ball over the top, but the defence snapped up the ball and fired it to the far touchline for ROSS COATES to take, beat the cover and touch down, but with no conversion.

The Perthsire men restarted with Carnoustie failing to gather cleanly and from the scrum they conceded a penalty which Crieff drove winning a further scrum, but FPs turned it over and cleared.

The visitors’ strength brought them more into the game and they tapped a penalty and broke the line to touch down and convert. Carnoustie restarted with Crieff kicking long to gain field position and this pattern continued with them monopolising the ball but failing to break the line until they again tapped a penalty and broke through to the posts with the convertion added.

Team: Nicholson, Coates, Addison, Van Niekirk, Donnachie, Langlands, Smart, Campbell, Bowles, Scott, P. Christie, Dow, Downie, Franco, J. Christie, Hughes, Starkey, Murphy and Ringsell.

Tomorrow’s match

Tomorrow, Saturday Carnoustie are away to Grangemouth 2nd XV with a 3 p.m. kick-off.

RBS Caledonia League

Division Three Midlands

P W L D Pts

Howe 2nd XV 5 5 0 0 25

Carn HSFP 5 4 1 0 21

C & S 5 4 1 0 20

Blair RFC 5 3 2 0 15

Fife S 5 2 3 0 11

Grange 2nd XV 5 2 3 0 10

Waid FP 5 2 3 0 10

Bannockburn 5 2 3 0 9

Kirkcaldy 2nd XV 5 1 4 0 6

Glenrothes 2nd XV 5 0 5 0 1