High School FPs fail to take chances

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Carnoustie 15, Kinross 18

CARNOUSTIE played host to Kinross on Saturday and set the game in motion.

The visitors fielded the ball but FPs immediately turned it over and drove, before kicking to touch. Carnoustie took the line-out, but kicked too long allowing the visitors to touchdown and from the drop out Kinross knocked on.

Carnoustie kicked from the scrum ball and then took the line-out against the throw, allowing Tom Hall to break upfield before the ball was sent wide, but then knocked on. The visitors won the scrum and broke cleanly upfield making some 70 yards and although stopped, the home players failed to release the ball carrier on the ground, giving away the penalty which Kinross converted.

From the restart, FPs tackled a player who did not have the ball conceding another penalty, but the kick failed to find touch allowing the homesters to play the ball wide and gain a penalty. Their kick was short and then driven, only for another penalty to be conceded, but Kinross failed to find touch allowing Carnoustie to clear.

At the line-out the visitors went wide and then drove, gaining a penalty which they converted. FPs upped the pace and pinned Kinross back and from a scrum the pressure paid off, with Kinross being driven back over the goal line where OWEN HUGHES touched down, but with no conversion.

The restart failed to carry 10 metres allowing Carnoustie to win the scrum and find touch. They stole the line-out and went wide only to be penalised and  the visitors found touch, but lost the line-out bringing the half to an end.

Half-time: Carnoustie 5, Kinross 6.

Kinross restarted with Carnoustie fielding and breaking 50 yards upfield, but then knocking on.  They made good by taking the scrum against the head and driving strongly to the line with NATHAN BOWLES touching down, but again with no conversion.

The visitors restarted and FPs fielded and ran the ball through the hands before gaining a penalty and finding touch. They won the line-out and drove the ball with JOHNNY CHRISTIE breaking off to cross and touch down, but this time the conversion struck the post to deny them the full points.

The restart was run back strongly by Craig Addison and Kyle Burwood who then kicked, but put the ball out on the full.  Kinross won the line-out and kicked, but the home players fielded and ran the ball, only to conceed a penalty which the visitors ran, breaking the defensive line to cross out wide, but with no conversion.

The home team restarted with Kinross fielding and driving. Carnoustie took them into touch, winning the line-out but then dropping the ball. They made amends by taking the scrum against the head and going wide only to drop the ball again close to the visitors’ line.

The Carnoustie scrum were now in complete control, but unaccountably, despite five consecutive scrum fives all driven to the line, they didn’t score and the visitors ultimately cleared to touch.

FPs forwards again drove strongly only to lose the ball again close to the visitors’ try line and Kinross snapped up the loose ball. Displaying crisp handling, they broke down the line for a try by the posts, taking full points with the conversion.

Kinross knocked on the restart and the homesters won the scrum and drove, but when the ball was lost the referee brought the game to an end. Carnoustie played well but must learn to turn chances into the points that their play deserves.

Team: Thoms, Shepherd, Burwood, Addison, Lawton, Swanston, Rankin, Murray, Bowles, Hall, Fraser, Millar, Reid, Christie, Hughes, Dissel, Jeffrey, Esposito.

Carnoustie play Glenrothes at home tomorrow (Saturday) with a 3 p.m. kick-off.