High School FPs win friendly

CARNOUSTIE HSFP Rugby Club entertained Waid in a friendly game at the High School playing fields on Saturday.

Despite several regular players being missing, the home side amassed a large squad. All players in attendance were given game time with several of the younger players showing up well.

Waid got the game under way and found touch, but FPs broke from the line-out before recycling, allowing Ally Shepherd to find a long kick into the visitors’ 22. With a quick follow up, Waid were forced to carry the ball over their own line.

From the scrum five, Johnny Christie drove but was stopped illegally. The penalty was tapped and the ball put through the hands only for the homesters to then concede a penalty. Waid found touch, but Carnoustie stole the line-out and gained a penalty for offside. The ball was tapped and a further offside penalty awarded and again this was tapped, but this time the ball was knocked on.

The visitors found touch from the scrum but FPs won the line out and drove without any gain as the ball was held up. Again Waid found touch, but the throw wasn’t straight.

The home team won the scrum and fed the backs for Dean Nicholson to run through strongly and, when tackled, he offloaded the ball to Johnny Christie. He charged over to touch down with Chris Rankin converting for full points.

The restart was fielded by Johnny Christie and driven before being kicked downfield, only to be returned by the visitors with FPs fielding, but knocking on.

From the scrum, Ian Reid charged through the defensive line and when faced by the full-back passed to the supporting Nathan Bowles who crossed for the try, but this time with no conversion.

The restart did not travel the requisite 10 metres, allowing the homesters to win the scrum and drive forward before kicking, only for the Waid full-back to call for a mark. From the line-out, FPs were pushed back but were able, from scrum ball, to go through the hands before Ally Shepherd found touch.

From the line-out the visitors chipped ahead, but the ball was cleanly taken by Ian Reid who sidestepped to find space allowing him to make ground before sending Dean Nicholson into the clear to touchdown. Chris Rankin got his second conversion.

The home team knocked on at the restart and from the scrum Waid chipped, but then gained a penalty and found touch, with Carnoustie again knocking-on at the line out. The next two moves came to nothing because of knock-ons, before half time was called.

Half-time: Carnoustie 19, Waid 0.

The homesters restarted and fielded the restart, driving on but turning over the ball and going offside. The Fifers, kicking well, pushed FPs back and from a penalty tapped and drove, but the ball was held up.

Carnoustie relieved pressure by running scrum ball from inside the 22 with Dean Nicholson unlucky to be ankle tapped at the half way. They found touch from a penalty, lost the line-out and conceded a penalty, but then conceded a free kick for delaying a scrum put in.

The visitors increased the pressure on the home line and again superb defence held up the ball carrier, but the pressure told and from a line out Waid went through the hands to cross and add the conversion.

The restart failed to carry the distance and from the scrum the visitors drove but went offside. FPs tapped the penalty and drove, recycling and drove again for Johnny Christie to drive through the first line of defence and then break a weak tackle to touch down under the post. Tony Coffield added full points.

The Fifers strayed offside at the restart, allowing Carnoustie to gain field position and to put the ball through the hands from right to left for young Merfyn Starkey to charge down the touchline and touch down in the corner. The conversion was missed.

This was a good exercise allowing match fitness to be maintained and a chance to see young players in the senior environment.