High Scoring FPs too hot for Madras

BT Caledonia League Division 2 Midlands'Madras vs Carnoustie FP's at St Andrews''Carnoustie won 0-61.'Carnoustie Michael Downie on another great forward to score a first half try'Pic Paul Reid
BT Caledonia League Division 2 Midlands'Madras vs Carnoustie FP's at St Andrews''Carnoustie won 0-61.'Carnoustie Michael Downie on another great forward to score a first half try'Pic Paul Reid

Madras 0, Carnoustie 61

Carnoustie travelled to St Andrews for their last away game of the season, having won the home game by a considerable margin.

Conditions were good with the pitch soft, but holding. The visitors got the game going with Madras fielding the ball and losing it in contact, Carnoustie scooped up the ball and drove, gaining a penalty.

Touch was found and the line-out won and a further penalty was gained with DANIE VAN WYK setting the scoreboard in motion. Madras restarted and Carnoustie fielded and kicked long upfield, to touch. They took the line-out and ran the ball, but were pulled up for a forward pass. They were then penalised at the scrum and Madras found touch.

FPs won the line-out and drove strongly before EUAN FRASER broke off and ran through the remnants of the defence to touch down with full points added. Kicks were exchanged from the restart and when the ball went loose, Carnoustie gathered, but failed to make use of the ball, with Madras clearing.

The visitors didn’t throw straight at the line-out and, from the scrum, Madras drove, but were penalised. Carnoustie found touch, took the line-out cleanly and drove, allowing IAN REID to touch down, but this time the conversion was missed.

The homesters restarted with Carnoustie fielding and set up a ruck, but were penalised. Madras found touch, but the FPs took the line-out and, from deep, sent the ball wide enabling MIKE DOWNIE to run past a toiling defence to touch down with the conversion added. Madras restarted and recovered the ball, but held on to it when taken to ground.

Carnoustie found touch, won the line-out and again found space to allow MIKE DOWNIE to run clear of a despairing defence to touch down and again with the conversion added.

The restart failed to cross the 10-metre line and although Carnoustie lost the scrum, Madras were penalised and the home side found touch, won the line-out, set up a drive, before sending the ball wide for MIKE DOWNIE to get his third try with the conversion added.

The home side again failed to reach the 10 metre line and Carnoustie kicked from the scrum, but were penalised for being offside. Madras failed to find touch and kicks were then exchanged, leaving FPs with good field position. Madras attempted to run clear from deep before chipping ahead only for MIKE DOWNIE to gather and run clear for another touch down, but this time with no conversion. This brought a very good half for carnoustie, to an end.

Half-time: Madras 0, Carnoustie 41.

Madras got the second half under way with Carnoustie fielding and running the ball back and, with a well-timed inside pass, sent DANIE VAN WYK clear to touch down and add full points.

The visitors went into their shell for a period, never being troubled, but not creating scoring chances, breaking from a scrum and running 60 yards before throwing a forward pass, being just one incident. From another break a penalty was conceded and then from good line-out ball, the ball was dropped.

Eventually Carnoustie set up a maul and drove, gained a scrum, won clean ball, which was sent wide, with DANIE VAN WYK entering the line from full back, crossing and adding the conversion.

From the restart Carnoustie fielded the ball and chipped ahead, fielding and running the ball wide, before being penalised. Play was contained in midfield until the visitors won line-out ball, running and then kicking to touch. From the line-out Carnoustie

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won the ball, gained a penalty and touch was found, the line-out won and a drive set up, recycled and driven again, only to knock on. The scrum was taken against the head, the ball driven forward and then sent wide for JORDAN DONNACHIE to touch down, but the conversion was missed. The game finished off with Madras for the first time maintaining possession and setting up drives, but the Carnoustie defence was solid and composed and the threat was snuffed out.

Team: D. Van Wyk, L. Thoms, R. Coates, G. Johns, M. Downie, J. McLaren, C. Rankin, C. Dawson, N. Bowles, A. Schweizer, O. Schweizer, E. Fraser, A. Franco, C. Addison, I. Reid, D. Campbell and J. Donnachie.

Tomorrow’s Match

Tomorrow (Saturday), Carnoustie play their last league game at home to Stirling University who they narrowly defeated in the away fixture on September 27. This will be a 12.30 p.m. kick off

Other results – Blairgowrie RFC 12, Howe of Fife 2nd XV 31; Stirling University RFC v Harris Academy FP RFC, postponed; 65; Kinross 12, Grangemouth Stags RFC 21.

BT Caledonia League Division Two Midlands


Carnoustie 17 15 1 1 11 1 74

Harris Acad 15 13 2 0 12 0 64

Alloa 15 11 3 1 11 0 57

Grangemouth 15 9 6 0 10 1 47

Madras Rugby* 16 8 8 0 7 0 36

Howe 2nd XV 16 6 10 0 7 3 34

Kinross 17 5 12 0 5 1 26

Stirling Uni* 14 7 7 0 7 2 25

Panmure* 17 3 14 0 3 0 8

Blairgowrie* 16 1 15 0 0 2 3

*Points deduction applied.