High winds hit fishery

The fishery at Lintrathen Loch has already been closed for three days this season due to high winds.

While some brave souls would go out in any weather, the bailiff is always aware that anglers’ safety is a priority. In between this weather, which is now becoming the norm for this part of Scotland, some good days fishing has been had.

Having said that, the club had three boats sunk and two damaged after last Thursday night’s blow. Thanks are due to committee members and other anglers who helped out on Friday with the recovery.

Anglers who have been out recently noted that the fish were down about three feet under the surface and DI3 lines with Cormorants, Ace of Spades, Vivas and other dark lures were all effective. On bright days, any small flies with pearly bodies did well.

Club results were: Dundee West End, five boats, 21 fish for 47lbs 3ozs; Basford AC, three boats, 11 for 23lbs 8ozs; Canmore AC, four boats, 20 for 40lbs 8ozs; Strathmore AIA, seven boats, 51 for 103lbs 5ozs; Dundee AC, five boats, 23 for 47lbs 13ozs; Perth Anglers AC, five boats, 24 for 51lbs 8ozs; Balbeggie AC, four boats, 21 for 45lbs 8ozs.

Individual boats: Ian Robertson and Danny Lennon, nine fish for 20lbs 8ozs; Tom Melville and Jim Galloway, 10 for 23lbs 12ozs; Jim Christie and partner, six for 13lbs; R.Gray and partner, six for 12lbs 8ozs; J. Kettles and J. Sibson, 10 for 22lbs 6ozs; Messrs Wood and Doyle, five for 10lbs 8ozs (15 returned).